Give your bridesmaids the gifts that really say thank you...and so much more

Give your bridesmaids the gifts that really say thank you…and so much more

When the standard lockets, monogrammed keychains and tote bags just don’t seem like enough for your bridesmaids, maid of honor or matron of honor, it’s time to think outside the box and get creative.   So how do you reward these wonderful women who’ve agreed to wear those fire engine red dresses that looked great in the bridal magazine, but in real life, well?enough said. 

When only the outrageous, over-the-top, and unexpected will do, here are the least expected but certain to be appreciated gifts for bridesmaids and matron of honor or maid of honor.

  • Botox all around – While it’s been standard to treat your bridal party to a makeover or manicure, take it to another level with a Botox party.  What says thank you more than a dose of botulism and a permanent smile? 

  • Bejeweled tasars – The people you asked to be in your wedding are special to you.  Friends.  Your sisters.  His sisters.  Cousins.  What could be more natural than offering them the protection only a personal tasar can offer?  Selecting a bejeweled  tasar takes it from a utilitarian self-defense tool to a fashion accessory.  Perfect.

  • A post wedding get away – When you and your new husband leave for your honeymoon, why leave the wedding party behind?  While you jet away to Belize or Paris, send your bridal party on a journey of their own and support struggling economies around the world at the same time by sending your best friends on a trip to Darfur, Ethiopia, or Newark.  ~

  • Pimp their ride – Sure they love their new Toyota Prius for the incredible gas mileage, but wouldn’t they love it more with a wet bar, plush velvet seats, and a kicking 6 speaker digital stereo?  Take their ride from ordinary to unbelievable, and yours will be a wedding they’ll never be able to forget. 

  • A life makeover – Most bridesmaids get an ugly dress and a few embarrassing pictures.  Give yours a whole new life.  Hire a life coach for each and let them recreate their entire lives – and get over the experience of wearing a purple dress with ruffles and bustle.  Go all the way, and let them heal their past life, too with a past life regression specialist. 

Sure, anyone can give an engraved keychain or monogrammed tote bag.  Dare to be different.  From flying lessons to face lifts, there’s a world of creative ideas out there. 

No matter what you choose for gifts for bridesmaids and matron of honor or maid honor, make sure yours is the wedding they’ll talk about for years to come.