gifts for goth chicksby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

With the Holiday season here, its time to try and find the perfect gift for whoever you care about.

There are all kinds of different lists that will help you find a gift for your mom or dad, or girlfriend or boyfriend as well as husband or wife. But what if you need to find a very specific kind of gift for a very specific kind of person? Oftentimes you are going to be left out in the cold. Luckily for you, if you are looking for something for someone who likes to stand out in a crowd, we’re here for you. Without further ado, we’ve brought you the top ten gifts for goth chicks.

10. Black Dahlia Candles

black dahlia candle

Your favorite goth girl is probably a pretty big fan of colors like dark purple and black. Getting her a fancy black candle will allow her to keep her favorite room or altar looking quite fancy and smelling nice too.

9. Encyclopedia Gothica Prints

Encyclopedia Gothica Prints

Maybe you want to find something your favorite goth chick can hang on the wall with pride. If you decide to go with something like the Encyclopedia Gothica prints, you are allowing her to decorate her space in the way she likes best, while also showing a sense of humor.

8. Gothic Plant Seeds

Gothic Plant Seeds

Perhaps the goth girl in your life is someone who likes to do a little gardening, but still wants to stay within the general theme when it comes to the colors and the feel of the plants she gardens with. You can get her some seed packets that will allow her to grow a garden that any of her gothic friends will be quite jealous of – especially when the dark beauties start to grow and menace any other plants in the garden.

7. Black Magic Playing Cards

tarot cards

Maybe your special dark someone likes to play card games – tarot card games to be specific – when she’s not out clubbing. There are some card decks that are specifically made to appeal to this group of people and she will appreciate you went out of your way to find the perfect mysterious arts set.

6. Vampires Kiss Lipstick

Vampire's Kiss lipstick

If you get your dark princess the vampire’s kiss lipstick she’ll be able to look her best and still stick within her general theme. Manic Panic is actually a makeup company that specializes in this kind of product and there are a number of things you can get alongside and to go with the lipstick.

5. Black T-Shirt

Black T-Shirt

Your favorite goth chick is going to feel naked without a black or dark colored t-shirt she can wear whenever she is just lounging around the house. If you can get a shirt with her favorite band like Depeche Mode then it’s simply a bonus.

4. Hosiery

fence net stockings

Some girls wear sports socks, goth chicks wear fishnets. In many colors and assorted patterns, fishnets are the foundation of most goth fashion statements. This is why they are so popular with girls who want to feel as though they are living a dark and gothic lifestyle. Finding her a collection of stockings is always a nice gift for this kind of chick. For her, it’s not just about sexy, it’s about wardrobe staple.

3. Vampire Bite Choker

Vampire Bite Choker

Vampires are simply something that is part of the goth chick culture. Instead of trying to fight against this particular trend, go with it and embrace it with something like a vampire bite choker. This will give your special someone a look that will stand out from the pack and also look quite classic.

2. Gothic decorating accessories

skull box

If your favorite goth chick has a lighter side, she will appreciate decor with a decidely gothic twist. This lost souls skull box will be perfect on her dresser. Or, choose a gargoyle to grace her coffee table or a dragon to hang from the dining room chandelier.

1. Adopt a Vampire Bat

Adopt a Vampire Bat

: There are a number of wildlife organizations that are always offering up different programs that will allow you to “adopt” an animal. This means your money will go to help pay for their housing, food and care. Adopt a vampire bat on behalf of your favorite goth chick and watch her face light up.