by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

The nature lover in your life will choose a weekend in the wild over any fancy hotel.

She’s happy flying down slopes, scrambling up rocks or hiking up a new trail to a towering peak. She’s low maintenance and carefree, yes, but she also loves a thoughtful gift.

These top gifts for outdoorsy women are practical and stylish.

10. Perfume


You want to make her smile? Find a fragrance that suits her personality by looking beyond the florals and super sweet scents. Fragrances that smell like a walk on the beach, rain and moss may sound strange, but give them a whiff and see why so many earthy gals love them – they’re a breath of fresh air. Luxury perfumes with woodsy, spicy and citrus-y notes let her wear a touch of nature everywhere.

9. Carabiner


Carabiners are necessary for any sort of climbing or activity with ropes. Even if she’s not a climber, these handy tools are always good to have within reach on a trail. Plus they double as a bottle opener and keychain.

8. Water purifier

Water purifier

Avid hikers and climbers put a lot of wear and tear on water purifiers because they have to. Odds are high hers has seen better days. Remove her worry of running out of clean water with a lightweight, easy to use model. Some have a built-in light so they double as a flashlight when she’s cooking in the dark.

7. Hydration pack

Hydration pack

Hydration is critical and a common concern for backpackers, cyclists, runners and climbers who venture far from reliable water sources. Hauling a few gallons of water isn’t an option. Hydration packs are. They hold more water than bottles, plus they’re easy to drink from and carry.

6. Merino wool

Merino wool

Forget sweet nothings. Outdoorsy ladies only have ears for merino wool. Winter is too beautiful to stay indoors but being cold all the time is a drag. Merino wool insulates so she can stay on the slopes as long as she wants to. Wool clothing naturally prevents odors and it’s stylish, a nice plus for her and her date.

5. Backpack


The best gifts for outdoorsy women are lightweight and designed to keep up with her. A high performance athletic backpack in a classic style with practical features will put a smile on her face. Look for side pockets for water, reflective fabric, padded shoulder straps and internal compartments for easy organization.

4. Sharp knife

Sharp knife

The way to a woman’s heart is through a sharp knife that she can wear on her hip. It should be perfect for both slicing cheese and making a fire-starting feather stick. Hunting and outdoor supply stores carry a wide variety, include knives with narrow handles that’ll fit securely in her hand.

3. Down vest

down vests

Down vests are among the best gifts for outdoorsy women who love to layer for winter sports. Whether she’s riding her bike to work or heading out for a day of exploration, soon she won’t leave the house without it. Vests keep the core warm and arms free so they’re perfect for the mountains and desert where the temperature can plummet fast.

2. Outdoor coffee magic

Outdoor coffee magic

May she never know the horror of a coffee-less morning again! Rarely is a cup of coffee as appreciated as it is on the trail, happy campers know. Percolators work fine, but an Aeropress is divine. We’re talking a full, rich flavorful, grit free cup in 20 seconds. Perfect for campers and glampers!

1. Sleeping bag

sleeping bag

What do you get a gal who doesn’t seem to want anything? How about a quality sleeping bag to keep her toasty when she’s sleeping under the stars? Yes! Goose-down will protect in temperatures as low as 0 degrees F. Choose a style with a durable fabric that’ll last for years.