gifts for the officeContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

With the gift-giving season looming, now is the time to consider gifts for the various office workers who assist you throughout the year.

From your favorite accountant, to that helpful legal assistant who always calls you back when your attorney is too busy (and she bills you less, too!), make sure to show your appreciation with a tasty treat to send the office.

10. Cheesecake Sampler

cheesecake sampler from Eli's

Let’s face it, when goodies are sent to an office, the hoarding begins, especially if your thoughtfulness has extended to everyone’s favorite, cheesecake. Consider that this is for sharing, so everyone in the office shares in your appreciation—and gets a share of your rich, cheesecake fueled generosity.

9. Mini Turtles

turtles at Oliver Pecan

When you want to recognize an office that has gone above and beyond in their duties, consider a gift of turtles, even if they aren’t called that exactly. Nothing says “I appreciate you” like decadent caramel and nuts covered in chocolate. And these bite-sized treats are just enough to show appreciation without fear of instigating a firm-wide sugar crash.

8. Peppermint Bark

peppermint bark

Help your favorite office ring in the holidays with creamy and festive Peppermint Bark. Forgo the healthy fruit baskets and practical calendars and give them something they really want—something indulgent and decadent—something that will require a gym membership after the first of the year!

7. Fancy Foods


When you make your list (and check it twice), if you find someone at the office who has been extra nice, consider rewarding her efforts with a basket of chocolates or other fancy treats. Not only will she appreciate the tasty gift, but she will also revel in the envious glares from her fellow employees. Yes, this is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Sugar Free Toffee Popcorn

toffee popcorn

For a gift that really “pops,” send some Toffee Popcorn. After the staff converges on the rich and buttery-sweet popcorn, all that will be left are crumbs of toffee dust and gratitude … lots and lots of gratitude.

5. Nuts and Chews

nuts and chews

Milk chocolate paired with pecans, almonds, or cashews is a classic pairing that shows good taste…and also tastes good! Remember, the staff always remembers thoughtful clients who provide goodies to snack on during the holiday season—and a happy staff is a productive staff. Perhaps instead of thinking of this as an office gift, you should think of it as an investment.

4. Gift Box for Coffee Break

bakery box

Tempting baked goods, jams and coffee-break gift baskets are a just reward for a loyal staff that has tended to your needs. They have always been kind, accommodating, empathetic, and cheerful—and this is your chance to let them know that their efforts were noticed and appreciated.

3. Sugar Free


Consider a sugar free option as a tempting and tasty indulgence for a more health conscious office. Even a physician’s office appreciates the occasional treat, and sugar-free candies or baked goods are the perfect shareable gift to satisfy their sweet tooth.

2. Assorted Chocolates

assorted chocolates

Chocolate is the offer workers’ best friend. It can brighten even a Monday morning. It acts as a salve when an employer’s temper runs short. It can even help to counter that fabled “mid-afternoon slump.” When in doubt, give chocolate.

1. Salted Almonds


For those whose efforts deserve more than a mere morsel of goodness, consider rewarding them with a full serving of gratitude – with a power snack like salted or unsalted almonds. For the attorney who helped you beat the charges, for the accountant who found the loophole, for the doctor who found the cure…for those times that a mini bar is not enough…make sure to go with enough to share with everyone in the office. After all, they earned it!