Know when to give heart-shaped jewelry and win the love of someone special

Know when to give heart-shaped jewelry and win the love of someone special

When’s the best time to give heart shaped jewelry, you ask? Well, Valentine’s Day certainly comes to mind. But, can you give that special someone this type of gift on a day that’s not Valentine’s Day? Such as: every other day of the year?

In many instances, the gift can come in the form of an apology after a fight, break-up scare, or other such relationship-oriented mistake. For those who tend to procrastinate on special occasions, giving this gorgeous jewelry piece tends to make that certain loved one forget the last minute surprise.

Fortunately, in most cases, the gifting revolves around an anniversary, graduation, work accomplishment, engagement, or special date in the hearts of the two love birds. Below, let’s take a look at the perfect time to surprise that significant other, potential pieces from which to choose, and ways in which to accessorize around a special heart-shaped piece of jewelry.

When to Give?

Kelly, writing over at My Jewelry Blog, says Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of the year to spring the beautiful surprise. In addition, Kelly notes that they can be worn throughout the year, as the charms and gemstones tend to work with any ensemble.


In certain instances, it’s not necessarily about Valentine’s Day, though, is it? Certain of the male species tend to say sorry by giving the egregiously afflicted party a present to show the depths of their remorse (over whatever it is they did, which is probably pretty bad!).

Other men may just be in a giving mood, want to surprise lovers, or purchase the pendant for a previously mentioned special occasion, like an:

  • Anniversary
  • Graduation
  • Work achievement
  • Engagement ring

No matter the time of year or the reason for the gift, it’s important to understand fashion choices available for those showing off to the world the gleaming, splendidly new piece.

How to Properly Accessorize

First and foremost, wearing too much of anything can be bad. With these particular pieces, too much — according to Kelly — can be a tacky display of misguided fashion sense. To avoid this, simply wear only one or two pieces at a time, max.

Stud earrings — with the metal shaped into the form of a heart — can be understated and simple, yet still work in an office or business setting. For those looking to skip the more formal route, accessorize with a bangle or bracelet with heart themes. Or try specially shaped pendants and lockets — which are always in style — and can be the perfect compliment to a woman’s wardrobe.

What to Give?

For those looking to find the finest in luxury jewelry looking at an online jeweler reveals some great starter options. To give heart shaped jewelry requires not only the perfect time to do so, but also the perfect accompanying piece. When such glamour comes in a price worth writing home about — meaning low, low prices — it’s definitely something to snatch up for the next special occasion.

Here are a few examples of potential luxurious, yet affordable gifts for your loved one during any time of the year:

  • Tiffany and Co Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
  • Scott Kay Diamond Charm Safety Pin
  • Black and White Diamond Necklace
  • Fancy Yellow Diamond 18K Two Tone Gold Heart Shaped Drop Earrings
  • Lagos Sterling Silver Heart Drop Earrings