toys for toddlersby Info Guru Angela K. Van Winkle

Toddlers are little balls of energy, hungry to learn and tirelessly curious.

And it’s no wonder! They can finally stand and walk on their own, able to manipulate the world around them. There is so much to discover! Here are 10 great new toddler toys to help keep their developing minds satiated and their reaching hands busy.

10. Bello & Friends Matching Game

Bello & Friends Matching Game

Made for ages 2+ years, the Bello & Friends Matching Game is a whimsical puzzle/matching game all in one. With colorful wooden pieces and fun characters, this is a great activity to help your little one develop fine motor skills, matching, and shape sorting.

9. Little Tikes Scooteroo

Little Tikes Scooteroo

Give your tyke her first set of wheels! The Little Tikes Scooteroo is durable and easy to use for those tots on the go. Includes four wheels to help her learn balance and still keep her safely upright.

8. Baby Beads

Baby Beads

This deceptively simple toy is one of the best things you can get to help your tot develop their dexterity. Baby Beads are textured to help with grasp as they thread the lace through each bead. Also good for color recognition and counting skills.

7. Collectible Animal Figures

horse figure

For older toddlers – in the 3+ group – large animal figures lead to hours of fantasy play. They also teach identification skills and are an introduction to natural, environmental and biological sciences. Look for realistic details, themed collections like farm animals or dogs, and then take a leap into the world of dinosaurs.

6. My First Laptop Trainer

My First Laptop Trainer

Now your little genius can have a laptop just like mommy and daddy! With so many games to play, subjects to explore, and nursery rhymes to learn, the My First Laptop Trainer is bound to be your budding computer guru’s next great adventure.

5. Natural Animal Sounds Toddler Rug

Natural Animal Sounds Toddler Rug

Match up animals with their sounds! This great teaching tool is super-durable and anti-microbial to stand up to wear and tear from even the messiest of toddlers. The Natural Animal Sounds Toddler Rug is a great addition to any bedroom and gives way to lots of “teachable moments” with regard to early reading skills, matching, and animal name recognition.

4. Art Easel Desk

Art Easel Desk

There is an artist inside every child, and the Art Easel Desk is a great activity center to allow little ones to express themselves, while keeping all those art supplies in one place. There is a dry erase board “easel” on one side with a clip for hanging their next masterpiece-on-paper, and a work desk with bench on the reverse side for other projects.

3. Lego Duplo Creative Suitcase

Lego Duplo Creative Suitcase

As soon as they start being able to sit up on their own is just about the time to introduce them to building blocks. Lego Duplos were designed specifically for tiny grasping hands in mind. Made bigger than their tiny Lego elders, they won’t pose a choking habit. And the Lego Duplo Creative Suitcase gives your tot the freedom to create whatever amazing buildings and creatures their minds and hands can muster.

2. Junior Ramp Racer

Junior Ramp Racer

The Junior Ramp Racer is an eco-friendly product (the manufacturer plants three trees for every one used for their products) with well made pieces for sustained durability. Brightly colored cars whiz and flip down the track, clicking and clacking as they hit the next level, creating constant entertainment for fascinated young eyes and ears.

1. Zolo Boa Stacking Rings

Zolo Boa Stacking Rings

The Zolo Boa Stacking Rings is an award winning toy designed to encourage audio, visual, and tactile learning. The squishable, stackable rings each make a unique animal sound, while the bright colors and patterns entertain the eyes.