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Guys Who Cook Gifts

By Editorial Staff

gifts for guys who cookby Info Guru Paul Seaburn

Guys who cook are no different than any other guys – they like to surround themselves with tools, gadgets and unusual utensils.

That makes buying guys who cook gifts easy – just look for kitchen utensils that are loud and powerful and would look good in either the kitchen or the shop. All kidding aside, guys who cook are a vanishing breed, so get yours a nice gift from this list and you’ll be eating well for years to come.

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10. Laser Surface Thermometer

Laser Surface Thermometer

Inside every cook is a Star Fleet lieutenant with an itchy phaser finger. Give your favorite Trekkie cook a surface thermometer that works like a laser, a fun and useful thermometer that can get an accurate temperature reading from up to five feet away with an infrared beam. Does not harm pets or Klingons.

9. Lazy Spoon & Spatula

Lazy Spoon & Spatula

Guys who cook are usually guys who don’t use spoon rests, so utensils with notched handles will keep your counters clean by allowing them to hold on to the edge of a pot so drips fall right back in. Look for handcrafted wooden styles.

8. Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm

Guys who drive rarely ask for directions and guys who cook rarely use timers, so give your cook the next best thing – a kitchen smoke detector. It’s almost as good and never needs setting.

7. Professional Helper Knife

 Professional Helper Knife

Guys who cook are usually doing something else at the same time, like channel surfing, which means they only have one hand free. A professional knife is made for one-handed use. He can cut carrots and other vegetables while looking up how to braise and never miss a beat or beet.

6. Cooking Tweezers

Cooking Tweezers

Kitchen tongs are fine for most jobs, but when you want to get the last pickled caper out of the jar, you need a precision tool like cooking tweezers. These stainless steel needle-nosed grabbers are at least 14 inches long and are versatile tools for the kitchen or the backyard grill.

5. Table Saw Pizza Wheel

 Table Saw Pizza Wheel

If your guy is a handyman who likes to make pizza, this is the power tool for him. The Fred and Friends PIBOSS Pizza Boss Pizza Wheel has a stainless steel blade and tough engineering-grade plastic housing that will easily cut through the toughest pepperoni. And it’s dishwasher safe!

4. Combination Knife and Scissors

 Combination Knife and Scissors

Guys who cook love tools that do more than one thing, so give yours a combination knife and scissors. Clever designs include a pair of kitchen scissors with a removable knife that separates with a simple twist. Let’s see a Swiss army knife try that!

3. Magnetic Toaster Tongs

Magnetic Toaster Tongs

For many guys, making toast counts as cooking, so help them avoid burnt fingers with a set of magnetic toaster tongs. A magnet on the back of these fine wooden tongs keeps them stuck to the toaster until needed. They’re wide enough for bagels, yet gentle enough for toaster pastries.

2. Cast Iron Skillet and Cookbook

Cast Iron Skillet and Cookbook

Nothing says “macho cook” like a cast iron skillet, but many guys avoid them because they have to be seasoned are require extra care. Choose cast iron that is pre-seasoned and comes with a cookbook full of recipes designed just for cast iron skillets. A glass lid is useful so he can see the pre-seasoning in action.

1. Chef’s Hat

Chef’s Hat

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Help your guy feel like a professional cook with a chef’s hat. You can spend a lot for a professional cloth model or a little for a disposable paper one. Either way, if he feels like a chef, that macaroni-and-cheese just might taste a little better.


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