healthy food alternativesby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

According to recent studies, Americans are eating healthier today than in the last twenty years.

Go, us! At the same time, the amount of junk food consumed every year has also increased, according to Shape magazine. Unfortunately the majority of favorite foods are still high in fats, salt and sugar.

These ten healthy alternatives to your favorite foods are here to help.

10. Turkey bacon

Turkey bacon

Bacon is having a moment. You can find it on nearly every menu in every type of restaurant and bakery across the country. Nobody’s saying it’s not delicious. The problem is otherwise healthy people are consuming way more than is good for the body. Give organic, uncured turkey bacon a try. In addition to less fat and cholesterol, pork, beef and other organic meat sourced from family farms contains no antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides or genetically modified animal feed.

9. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt

Among the most popular healthy alternatives to your favorite foods, Greek yogurt provides the body with protein to build muscle and increase metabolism. It’s ideal for breakfast and snacking and is a delicious dessert. Top with berries and crumble a like graham cracker on top. Ba-bye, cheesecake.

8. Snapea crisps

Snapea crisps

Good luck trying to find an open bag of chips in the cabinet. Many know that truth behind the famous phrase “Bet you can’t eat just one”. We can’t! Best not to open the bag at all. Satisfy your crunchy cravings with a bag of baked snap pea crisps instead. They’re lightly salted and packed with fiber, protein and vitamins.

7. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

Healthy alternatives to your favorite foods should give you the same satisfaction. Chocolate lovers can rejoice. It takes no stretch of the imagination to make your favorite fudgy treats a little better for you by simply replacing milk chocolate with dark. One square of at least 72% dark chocolate bar or hot cocoa is actually good for you!

6. Cheese veggie burger

Cheese veggie burger

A go-to at fast food joints, the cheese burger holds a place in the heart of many food lovers. Sometimes, it’s the whole experience of throwing a burger on the grill, making up the bun with accoutrements we crave. Leave red meat in the rare treat department and try a garden, bean or sweet potato veggie burger instead. Add avocado for some healthy fat or melt a slice of specialty cheese like Swiss or Muenster for a flavor punch.

5. Hummus and pita chips

Hummus and pita chips

Snacks are the danger zone of a healthy diet. Swap tempting of fatty dips with creamy homemade hummus and you won’t be disappointed. Pair with sliced veggies or pita or spread on a sandwich. Hummus helps lower cholesterol and is rich with antioxidants.

4. Baked sweet potato fries

Baked sweet potato fries

To take the guilt out of French fries, healthy and homemade is the way to go. Use sweet potatoes instead of white ones. Reduce the fat by baking instead of frying. Better yet, lightly spray them with coconut oil and toss a few times to get that perfect crisp. Skip salt and season with garlic, pepper and paprika.

3. Mixed nuts

Mixed nuts

The sweet tooth shows no mercy when a bowl of candy is in sight. Tame it with trail mix. Fill a few small baggies with your favorite unsalted mixed nuts, seeds, dried fruit and a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips. These quality carbs and fats will satiate and win your taste buds over.

2. Homemade pizza

Homemade pizza

Food writer Michael Pollan has a wise rule of thumb. If he wants junky food, he has to make it himself. This way he’s not depriving himself. By forcing himself to cook what he craves, he makes it healthier and eats it less often. If you crave pizza make it yourself with whole wheat crust. Even better, skip the dough and make it with a cauliflower crust and lots of herbs.

1. Rawtella


Oh, the blissful ignorance of believing Nutella was healthy and spreading it on everything. Rawtella is here to prove you can enjoy spoonfuls of decadence without the sugar and vegetable oil. The only ingredients are raw hazelnuts, coconut sugar and cacao nibs so go ahead and spread the bliss.