Thrill the techno-geeks in your life with cutting-edge gifts

Thrill the techno-geeks in your life with cutting-edge gifts

There are lots of ordinary gifts you  can buy for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. You know what I mean. Ties. Socks. Gift cards. Yawn. 

Seriously, people, we are living in one of the coolest high tech ages ever, and you’re still looking at socks and gift cards? Why are you doing that when there a gee-whiz high tech gifts out there for every single person on your list, from toddlers to great-grandpa? 

Not sure where to start? Here are some great technology gifts for almost anyone you need to shop for. Ready, set, tech!

Tech gifts for little ones:

Kids and music are a natural, so a music player is a great choice for almost any child. But an electronic toy that gets kids up and involved is even better. That’s why we love this electronic keyboard from Young Explorers. This isn’t a tabletop piano… it’s a giant floor-sized keyboard kids play by running, jumping, hopping and dancing on! Toddlers will love playing with the sounds, and older kids will get into making their own songs, or “playing” familiar tunes. 


Other great techie gifts for kids include personal star projection machines to turn their ceilings into planetariums, electronic learning toys and kid-friendly digital cameras made to stand up to little hands and rough handling. 

High Tech Gifts for Teens:

Today’s teens have been using electronics from birth, so it’s only natural that high tech things would top their wish list. With this age group, you can go all out with the latest iPod touch or the newest tablet, or you can choose a more modest electronic gift. 

High performance headphones, portable storage for computer data (great for school!), and accessories for their computer or stereo are all popular choices. Or let them take their music with them to share on the beach, at a party or on a camping trip with a pair of plug-in speakers or a speaker dock. Small size, great big sound!  A sure winner! 

Tech for er, um, Grown-ups

Yeah, I know none of us want to admit to being adults or grown-ups. That’s why high tech gifts are the perfect choice for this age group. You get a shirt or a pair of slippers, and you’re a boring grown-up. But if you get the latest gadget, you’re cool!

The gifts you choose depend entirely on your budget, but it’s all good. Go for a super amazing television for an over-the-top choice. Or opt for a voice-programmed GPS unit for something more affordable that’s still fun to use. If the person you’re buying for is kind of hipster when it comes to audio, consider an old-school turntable for listening to their classic vinyl. You can even find low-cost portable turntables so their records can go portable!

Seniors plus tech equals awesome!

Gone are the days when grandmom and grandpop sat around playing cards and waiting for the early-bird dinner special. Today’s elders are out and about, and staying active. 

That’s why high tech gifts are great for them, too. How about a cutting edge pedometer so they can track their miles and their heart rate, too? Or an Mp3 player so they can take their tunes, podcasts and videos with them on their next flight?  

My dad is never without his’s his email, surfing, video-watching, game-playing toy. Choosing a new, user-friendly model is a wonderful gift that will help your grandparents stay in touch with the whole family!

All ages, all tech

No matter what stage in life, there’s sure to be an electronic gift that’s just perfect! And those socks? Let them buy their own!