How to build a model ship

Meeting the challenge of constructing a model ship

Meeting the challenge of constructing a model ship

How to build a model ship can be an intricate task as it often requires a steady and very delicate hand. The hobby of building from model kits appeals to people of all ages, and whether you are a novice or a seasoned expert, you can create perfect model ships.

Some basic model ships are easy to build and some are difficult, but learning how to build a model ship is an addictive hobby that will spark your imagination and indulge your sense of history. Some of the plastic models come equipped with airplanes or anti-aircraft guns, while the hardwood models come with string, oars, rigging and such. The following suggestions will help you learn how to build a model ship.

Building model ships is an ancient craft, almost as old as shipbuilding itself. In the ancient world, ships were technologically complex mechanisms and ships and boat models from ancient Greece, Egypt and Phoenicia tell a rich archaeological tale about seafaring and its sociological and economic importance. The kinds of ships depicted in ancient Greek models can be classified broadly as small craft, merchant vessels, and warships. Ancient boat and ship models were made from a variety of materials, including wood, bronze, lead, and clay and they were intended for different purposes, the most common of which include: burial votives, household articles art, and toys.


What are some guidelines to follow when learning how to build a model ship?

1- Read the instructions in the kit thoroughly before beginning to build the model ship as this will help in the prepping of certain pieces.

2- Lay out parts only as you need them. This will keep the work area clean and uncluttered. It will also save you time by making them easy to find.

3- Carefully sand parts before gluing them together as this will render a better surface for sticking. Do not sand too much or parts may not fit properly.

4- Do not waver from the instructions and follow them carefully, assembling parts in the order suggested. Creativity in this instance will get you into trouble. Sometimes, the instructions may suggest going back and forth between sections, but that is only when doing so makes it easier to connect larger sections at one time.

5- Remember that glues are not interchangeable. Use only plastic glues for plastic models and wood for the wooden ones. Also, only use those glues made specifically for building models.

6- The rigging string is delicate and needs to be carefully knotted. Pay attention because it is very difficult to untie the rigging once you begin to add the other components.

7-Keep the base separate from the rest of the model ship as this will make it easier for you to view the detailing on the keel.

Proceed with caution and extreme care when learning how to build a model ship. It is a gratifying adventure, but it cannot be rushed.

Most of all, have fun.

All aboard!