How to choose a practical baby gift

Tips on how to choose a practical baby gift

Tips on how to choose a practical baby gift

Shopping for a new baby is dangerously tempting ground if you?re easily by distracted by cute decorations and soft, huggable dolls. Remember that newborns spend most of their time sleeping, eating and plotting o take over the world. They don?t need buckets of toys and a closet full of frilly outfits.

Practical baby presents are aimed at making the parents? lives just a little easier. These are items the parents will probably have to buy themselves if they don?t come as gifts. Learning how to choose a practical baby gift is simply a matter of thinking about a day in the life of a newborn.

Refer to the registry

The registry provides a number of at-a-glance services. First, it shows you if the item you?re considering has already been purchased for the couple. It also prods you to question if the item is needed at all. For instance, if the couple already has one child, they probably won?t put changing table on the registry because the one they have is still in good shape.

If an item you’re considering buying isn’t on the registry, consider calling the couple and asking them why. New parents do a lot of research so they may have opted out of a certain type of item if it’s been negatively reviewed.


Good morning

Cribs are a big ticket item that need to be high quality because they go through a lot of wear and tear ? once the child starts bouncing and playing. This is a must-have item, but again, the parents will probably be particular about the model and design so consult the registry, read up on selecting baby furniture and get a gift receipt.

Whimsical and ever so useful, diaper cakes are the perfect baby present. Buy them pre-made or check out a tutorial online to put your own personal touch on it. Tuck in some infant lotions, a rattle, burp cloth and spoon to add a few handy extras.

Bottles are another necessity for new parents. Choose a set that comes with multiple bottles because the dishes tend to get backed up and infants aren?t known for their patience, especially when they?re hungry. 

Nap time

A set of onesies is always useful ? like the dishes, the laundry tends to get backed up with a newborn around. Other low cost, useful items to help them sleep include pacifiers and a crib attachment that plays calming music. 

When you?re thinking about how to choose a practical baby gift, think of the parent?s needs, too. Baby monitors give peace of mind and that is a beautiful thing. It also keeps adults from disturbing the newborn by checking on him because they can simply turn up the volume and keep an ear out for the tell-tale cry instead.

Lunch time

High chairs and car seats are other important big ticket items. Bibs, burp cloths, bowls, plates and a hefty supply of baby wipes help meal times go over without too many hiccups.

Night time

Infant tubs make bathing them easy and safe. Add in a wash cloth, a little towel (choose a cute one!), rubber ducky and some bath lotion so the parents are set for bath time. 

When the child?s not sleeping or cuddling with a family member, she?ll be content to have some space of her own. One design known as the baby bumbo supports the child in a comfortable, seated position so parents can have their hands free and know their baby won?t be slithering around.

Bedding, a change table, diaper changing pad and diaper bag are a few other items that?ll give parents a huge sigh of relief to have. These come in a range of affordable designs so keep an eye out for something that fits their style. Now that you know how to choose a practical baby gift, it’s time to start shopping!