Learn how to choose a zero gravity recliner before you make your big purchase

Learn how to choose a zero gravity recliner before you make your big purchase

Do you know what a zero gravity recliner is? If not, read on. Better yet, once you have made this discovery, rush out and snatch one for yourself. Once you sit in it you are going to wonder, Oh, Ze-ro, where have you been all my life?

When you hear the phrase ‘zero gravity,’ this means the position of the chair copycats the posture astronauts take on when lifting off on space missions. Astronauts must assume this position because of the forceful and swift increases in gravity they experience while escaping the earth’s gravitational pull. 

When astronauts are in the reclined position during take-off this lessens the amount of stress their bodies are subjected to. When in this position, the astronaut disperses the trauma of take-off across his body.

I’m Not an Astronaut but I Want One!

Zero gravity chairs are so comfortable they will become the only recliner you choose to sit in. They are perfect for those suffering back pain and discomfort, who find sitting in a regular chair unbearable. There are those people who prefer sleeping in this chair rather than in a bed because it doesn’t irritate their back and they do not wake up stiff and achy.

This type chair is designed to support the body, create a sense of comfort and weightlessness and it is adjustable. The chair reclines at various angles and it can be adjusted to sit upright and, in some cases, lean forward.


The various settings support body weight, which minimizes pressure on the ribcage and spine. 

Make sure that you know the criteria of a good chair when you decide to choose a zero gravity recliner. You are looking for one that puts no or ZERO stress on joints, ligaments and muscles. You may have to sit in a few before you can make the decision.

Outdoor Furniture

Some recliners are intended for outdoors, for use on your patio or next to your pool. Once you are situated in the laid back position, with legs elevated, you immediately notice pressure and discomfort to your back has been eliminated and you may feel weightless. There is a good chance you will nod off to sleep because you are so comfy — so remember to smear sunscreen on before you sit in the chair!

Massage Chair

Consider investing in a massage chair, featuring a set of S-track movable intelligent massage robots focusing on the shoulders, neck and lumbar based on your individual body curve. This is an indoor chair. Put it in front of your TV and get a good massage while watching your favorite shows.

If you suffer from a whole host of body aches and pains, consider an even more elaborate recliner featuring pelvis and waist swaying massage and massage rollers. This recliner is equipped with several auto-programs including healthcare, relaxation, therapy and circulation. It automatically massages both the upper and lower body. You may not want to get out of this chair, ever.

Some chairs include a heating function, which is ideal for the person with a back back. Heat reduces pain and it is soothing.


One of the main benefits of sitting in this position is promotion of blood circulation to the legs, which lessens swelling. When legs are elevated above the level of the heart this reduces the likelihoo of varicose veins developing.

The only drawback to owning this chair is you and your spouse (and probably your kids, too) are going to argue over who gets to sit in it. First come, first serve.