How to decorate your own sacred space

Here's how to decorate your own sacred space to create a peaceful retreat

Here’s how to decorate your own sacred space to create a peaceful retreat

Everyone deserves a peaceful corner to call their own to rest, relax and nurture the spiritual side. Quiet, special places are ideal for bringing a meditation or yoga practice to the next level.

Creating this place in your home ? whether it?s a corner of your bedroom, an unused closet or a particularly calming spot in the garden – will help build a deeper connection to the truly meaningful relationships and pursuits in your life. Choose this spot with care as it?s one you?ll visit often. Consider a place you already love spending time in.

Knowing how to decorate your own sacred space goes deeper than choosing a cheery color. This is an on-going process, an outlet for creative impulses and a place to surrender to the aspects of your life that feed your spirit. Statues of ancient deities, stones from places of significance, a candle, vase of flowers and other meaningful items will enhance your connection and openness.

Consider your intentions

Nurturing spiritual growth is a universal need. You may be tempted to put plans for this space on the back burner if other projects seem more urgent, but don?t. This is important.  You will benefit from having a place that looks and feels exactly as you choose.

A personal sacred place is where people go to look inward and align the life they live with the beliefs and values closest to the heart. When you leave, you?ll often feel renewed and ready for whatever comes your way because your heart, mind and body are one. These intangible effects are in part the result of thoughtfully using art, furniture, lighting and other d?cor.


Details matter

This isn?t a process to be rushed and you probably won?t find the perfect combination of accents and furniture in one shopping trip. Some people prefer to begin to with a single object like an altar, photograph or sculpture of a deity that resonates. Gradually, you may want to add a beautiful glass bottle filled with sand or a stone you found after meeting the love of your life.

Bringing in elements from your day-to-day ? a pebble from the garden, a picture your little girl drew ? helps unify your spiritual and everyday selves. Too often we try to keep our spiritual, family and professional lives separate. Stitching these sides together will lead to more joy and help you stay centered.

What?s sacred to you?

Learning how to decorate your own sacred space is not done by imitating others. Everybody?s is different because how we define and express what is sacred is different. The space you decorate now may look completely different in a year.

Ask yourself what it is you hope to gain from the place. Why is finding time to meditate important? What is missing from your life? What are you searching for? If the answers are unclear, meditate on the questions or spend some time in the empty spot and reflect. 

You know you need this, but why? Everyone deserves a peaceful place to think about the bigger things. Perhaps it will help to visualize a few of your favorite places in the world. Think of how these places make you feel then visualize physical representations of those feelings.

Above all, this special place should energize and inspire your spiritual practice. The d?cor may change with the season or exist entirely to clarify a confusing area of your life. If you?re seeking a new career path, bring in items that symbolize things your enjoy doing. 

The more conscious you are of what matters in your life, the stronger your intuition will grow. Learning how to decorate your own sacred space is a journey. Explore your interpretations of beauty, comfort and truth.