How to make a cappuccino

There's a whole latte love in knowing how to make a cappuccino

There’s a whole latte love in knowing how to make a cappuccino

Cappuccino is like coffee?s sophisticated cousin. It?s bold, robust, strong and just a bit sassy. Cappuccino is made with espresso, which is like an amped-up version of coffee. Sure you could head down to the trendy, crowded coffee shop that charges a fortune for its brew, but you could also make the delectable drink at home. Knowing how to make a cappuccino can save you money and allows you to enjoy this rich drink in the comforts of your own home.

Start With the Best

It doesn?t matter how talented you are, if you use equipment and ingredients that are sub-standard, you?ll likely end up with a poor finished product. Purchasing high-quality espresso makes all the difference between an average cappuccino and one that has you praising the coffee gods.

The same goes with your cappuccino maker. Using a machine that is made poorly can make your cappuccino taste not so great.

Bottom line: Purchase the best espresso and machine you can afford and you?ll likely be pleased with your finished product.

Brewing Your Espresso

Cappuccino starts with espresso, so you?ll have to brew it right. Start by placing the proper amount of espresso in your portafilter ? the amount you use depends on your machine, so consult your owner?s manual. Tamp down on the espresso to get in nice and tight in the filter and to make the surface of the beans smooth.

Place your filter into your espresso maker then set a shot glass or cup under the spout to catch the espresso. However, don?t brew the espresso until you are ready to place it into your hot milk, as it will spoil if it sits for more than 30 seconds.

Preparing The Milk

Because of the short shelf-life of already-made espresso, your milk needs to be nice and hot before you brew your strong coffee. So before you make your coffee, steam your milk to no less than 140-degrees Fahrenheit.

Once it is at the right temperature, insert the spout of your steaming apparatus into the milk, close to its surface. Doing so creates foam. When you are satisfied with the foam, begin to brew your espresso.


When it is finished, pour your espresso into your cup, then pour the steamed milked about two-thirds of the way up the vessel. Spoon enough foam on the cappuccino to fill up the rest of your cup, and voila! You?ve made yourself a warm, delectable cappuccino. Pair your cappuccino with some delectable cakes and you’ll have a coffee break that beats running to the local cafe.

Knowing how to make a cappuccino gives you the feel of a coffee shop at home. Now you can invite your friends over and impress them with your cappuccino-making skills.


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