Learn how to make homemade applesauce for a healthy, tasty treat

Learn how to make homemade applesauce for a healthy, tasty treat

Applesauce is a puree made from apples that makes for a delicious snack or adjunct to breakfast or lunch. It is made from processing fruit that is peeled, or unpeeled for more fiber, with a food processor or powerful blender.

Today, applesauce is available in most major supermarkets and comes in a variety of flavors with added ingredients such as spices and/or sugars. Making your own at home can help you to save money since many packaged products are costly, particularly if you and family members eat a lot of it.

The primary reason to make your own homemade applesauce however is for the health benefits. Although some products sold today may be healthy, there are several others that have a number of ingredients added, including extra sugar, preservatives and/or chemicals.

Take charge of your health and the quality of the food you eat by making most of your foods and meals at home. Not only will you maximize nutrition, but homemade foods usually taste much better as well! Learn how to make your own homemade applesauce by following the simple steps below.


Pick your own

The key to making delicious applesauce is to pick the right fruit. Choose orchard fruit that are naturally sweet such as Red Delicious, Fiji or Gala. Others, such as Granny Smith, tend to be less sweet and dry in comparison.

If you’re feeling very ambitious, go to a local apple-picking farm and pick your own fruit straight from the tree. Otherwise, search for organic produce at your supermarket since these have not been sprayed with pesticides or chemicals and will have less toxins. If you are unable to find organic products or they are too costly, be sure to thoroughly wash produce with plain cold water.

You may also choose to peel your fruit before turning them into sauce. Keep in mind that the outer layer of the fruit is a source of fiber so experiment with both peeled and unpeeled to see your preference. A combination of both, or partially peeling the fruit may result in the best texture.

Chop ’em up

The next step to making homemade applesauce is to chop up the fruit. You can use a paring knife to do this or take a simpler route by using a food-processor or electric chopper to cut them up into bite-size pieces. Discard any seeds or hard pieces of the core when chopping with a knife.


Cooking will make them softer and much easier to process into a smooth and sweet puree. Simply fill a large pot with apples with about an inch or two of water and cover with a lid. Cook on high until they have softened, then reduce heat to medium-high until all of the chunks are thoroughly cooked. Pour softened apples out into a large bowl from the pot and discard any excess water for a thicker final product.


Pureeing can be done in a number of ways but most easily with a food processor or high-speed blender designed to turn fruits to mush. Alternatively, if you don’t have a fancy kitchen machine – don’t fret. You can still make applesauce by using a potato masher or even a hand mixer. These tools will still produce an apple puree however it may more time, effort and then final result may not be as smooth.

Try it at home

Now that you know how to make homemade applesauce can be easy, try doing it yourself next weekend or any day you have a hankering for a refreshing and naturally sweet dessert. This wonderful recipe can be packed into kid’s school lunches or a healthy snack but also makes for a delicious dessert when sprinkled with cinnamon and spooned over low-fat yogurt.