How to pick a wedding theme

Here's how to pick a wedding theme you'll adore for your special day

Here’s how to pick a wedding theme you’ll adore for your special day

Compared to finally finding someone special to spend the rest of your life with, choosing a theme for the big day may strike you as insignificant. While not essential, planning around a theme creates a cohesive event and actually helps to answer many of the creative questions along the way. Here’s how to pick a wedding theme that will enhance your big day.

Time to get moody

When figuring out how to pick a wedding theme, remember to factor in the non-visual elements. The mood of your ceremony and reception can also carry the general theme. Whether you’re inclined towards romantic whimsy, playfulness, fairy tales or savoring an ethereal starry night, each mood conjures images, colors and references that can inspire every wedding detail.


While you may not yet know your exact date, you probably have a general idea of whether you want a magical winter wedding or a breezy summer affair. Allowing the season to populate the setting ? from flowers and color scheme, to food and centerpieces ? establishes a broad, but well defined event.


Consider location

Selecting a type of venue will help steer you towards wedding theme ideas. For instance, if your heart is set on an outdoor reception overlooking a field of flowers, this type of environment easily sets the scene for a rustic, homemade party. Popular outdoor locations include the beach, a woodsy backyard, lakefront or golf course.

Indoor receptions in unique venues like a barn, converted factory, old book store or historic hotel may suggest a few unique themes you may not otherwise think of. Spend some time wandering around potential venues and note the natural atmosphere.

Get ready to cast a wide net

As you brainstorm potential ideas, you may find yourself falling in love with all of the small touches that could go along with a nautical night or barnyard cookout. Refrain from picking a theme based on fun kitsch because the little things will quickly clutter your event. Focus instead on the broader, more abstract associations like colors, food and music.

Look beyond trends

What’s supper trendy today will look dated in only a few short years. If you’d rather your wedding memories and photos have a timeless feel, think beyond today’s offbeat trends. Vintage-inspired d?cor and carefree by the beach are a few classic ideas you can easily customize to your personality.

Walk down your kind of aisle

The nuances that go into how to pick a wedding theme are bound to vary for every couple. The intention is to create a special party to celebrate your union, so the look and feel of the overall event should reflect who you are as individuals and as new life partners. Just because you like the way a friend’s secret garden reception looked, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

If you’re willing to get creative, you can tweak just about any theme to your budget and resources. This means you don’t have to live by the coast to create a beachy party (though it does help). If Hollywood glamour suits you then don’t settle for anything less that some form of red carpet. If you’re thrifty at heart, roll up those retro sleeves and unleash your hand-made flavors.

Once you choose one, make the theme clear on the invitations to set expectations and so your guests have the option to tweak their clothes and accessories for the event. As the planning progresses, factor in the theme for continuity, but have fun with it! Ultimately it’s your day so choose the flowers you want to smell, the food you want to eat and the music you want to dance to.