planning outdoor partiesIt is getting warmer outside, even at night, and that means that it is time to invite a few people over. Celebrate the Fourth of July, a special occasion, or the almost supernatural soul-warming beauty of a summer evening breeze.

During the summer there’s pretty much no good reason not to have a party, which means its time for you to start planning. Here are tips for making your get together go off as smoothly as possible.

Bug Control

First, consider the bugs. I’m serious, the biggest problem with summer get-togethers is that often take place outdoors… which is where the bugs live. Start by measuring the area of the place where you plan to hold the event. Once you have measured this you can then use this information to purchase an appropriate amount of insect repellent candles (these generally offer an estimation the range of protection they provide on the packaging) and place them appropriately.

If you don’t like the idea of candles for some reason you could also try lining the perimeter with bug-zapping lights. There are almost endless remedies to the problem of bugs at your summer get together, the important part is to be proactive and begin tackling the problem before the bugs begin to feast on your prized potato salad!

Summer Party Food

Next, on to the food. With the weather outside being hot and muggy it might be best to, for example, place mayonnaise-based salads in a cooler. Hors d’oeuvres involving melons, cold-cut meats, or anything else temperature sensitive should be served actively (that is to say actively offer them to your guests) and immediately upon being removed from the house or other temperature-controlled environment.

Considering the difference in temperature and how it affects the food you will be serving is an important part of doing summer parties the right way.

Drinks for a Summer Party

After the food of course comes the drinks (or possibly before if you so choose). It is important to have a wide variety of drinks of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety.

For your alcoholic drinks it is a good idea to offer something new and refreshing. Just hop online and search for summer drink recipes.

As for your non-alcoholic drinks, maybe try to dress them up, don’t just have a nice bar sitting there and then a smattering of bottled waters and old diet cokes. Consider making a few classic Shirley Temples, or perhaps you could make a virgin gentleman’s agreement by replacing the peach liquor with peach nectar and skipping the bourbon.

Party Decor

Finally, we come to the decorations.

Decorations for a summer party can be pretty much anything you want them to be. Perhaps it would be fun to put up some Christmas decorations and throw a Christmas in July party.

You can also utilize your pool to create your own little cabana. Perhaps you could set up your bar on one side of the pool for swim up drink service. If you live near the woods try a jungle theme. One of the best ways to approach decorating for a party, especially an outdoor summer shindig, is to look at the already existing environment and letting that lead your imagination.

Remember that, overall, summer parties are about fun: fun for you and for your guests. Just take the time to consider these points and you will throw the event of the season!

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow