Putting your picture on candy makes a unique gift or favor idea

Putting your picture on candy makes a unique gift or favor idea

This may sound a little silly, but putting your picture on candy is supposed to be a little tongue-in-cheek and can be a great way to celebrate certain life moments or promote your business in a way that is unique and unexpected.

Here?s How this Works

You will be happy to know that personalized candy can be ordered online! All you have to do is go to the candymaker?s website and select your colors and message. Then you upload a good, clear photo, and voila! You will have candy on the way that you designed to fit specifically with your occasion. So simple. 

Kids Will Love It

There is nothing quite as ?personalized? as seeing your own face on a sugary confection. Imagine the pride and joy that will fill young Emma or Ansel when their picture appears on the M&M?s you give as favors for their birthday party. This will give the occasion a cool personal touch which they will never forget. It?s like magic!


Beyond birthday party favors, this is also a fantastic addition for holiday stocking stuffers or fillers for plastic Easter eggs. Think outside the usual traditions and look at giving candy with the team mascot for little league or other an image like ballet slippers and a message for your child?s upcoming recital. For older kids, these make great accent gifts for graduation, Sweet 16, religious confirmations, or any other coming of age moment. 

For the Grownups

Personalized candy is an obvious choice for wedding or bridal shower favors. Upload an image of the happy couple for one side, with a sweet message on the other. That second side is where you can really make it yours. You can have the name of the bride and groom with their wedding date, or a quote which is special to the couple to represent the love they have for each other. If choosing an image and message for a bridal shower or bachelor party, have some fun with it! Use a picture of the bride or groom, with a message like, ?Last wild night!? or ?Almost hitched.? 

For a baby shower, choose the colors of the baby?s room, if you know them, or pink or blue if the gender has already been revealed. For the picture, you could use the latest ultrasound image, an image of momma with her full pregnant belly, or an image of mommy and daddy together. Don?t have a picture? The candy site will almost always have a selection of stock images you can choose to fit any occasion, from teddy bears to baby shoes, and all sorts of fun fonts to use for the message on the back. 

Business Promotion

Here?s the deal. Everyone likes sweets, and giving candy with your business logo and slogan is an eye-catching way to get people to remember you. Choose colors that pop (and compliment your logo) and hand out little bags of sugary goodness with your business card attached. People will call you. They may be asking for more candy, but hey, it?s a conversation starter to get them in the door. That first impression is so important; might as well make it a pleasant one.