Increase Your Car’s Value with a Top Quality Paint Job

Increase Your Car’s Value with a Top Quality Paint Job

At Maaco, we understand that the color of a car plays a lot in not just the identity of the car, but also that of the owner. Painting a car can be done for several reasons, but the most popular one is that the owner is just tired and looking to change the current color, or the original color is chipped and fading. 

Another popular reason is that a car can be painted before selling. But can custom painting a car raise the resale value? The simple answer is yes! And here’s why!

What is Car Painting?

Car painting is done at a body and customs shop and entails putting a new and different color on the car or replacing the original coat of color with a similar one. Cost of car painting varies from one painting shop to another based on several factors such as the extent of painting, the quality of paint you want to use, and where you are getting the job done. There are different types of paint jobs that can be done at Maaco, all of which are must be provided by professional car painters. These include:

  • Two-tone Color: This involves painting the top and bottom of a car with two different colors. This gives the car a unique look and increases its resale value. It is a throwback to the style of the 50s and 60s.
  • Matte Color: Matte painting is one of the most popular paint styles lately. This gives a flat color as the clearcoat used dries into a rougher texture. Matte paint jobs last a long time and help improve the car’s resale value.
  • Pearlescent Color: Pearlescent paint jobs look fun with its use of a variety of colors and the pearlescent coating for light reflection and refraction, which makes the car look different every time you look at it.

How Can a Custom Paint Job Increase Your Car’s Resale Value?

Now that we know what the paint job is, let’s find out how exactly painting a car increases the resale value.

The choice of color is crucial in the depreciation or appreciation of the value of a car. A recent study by on car colors and their resale value found that the safest colors are black, brown, white, blue, red, green, and orange, while yellow holds the lowest depreciation percentage.

While other colors like purple and gold look lovely, they will work against you when trying to sell your car. If you don’t plan on having your car gathering dust and never sold, you should keep away from these colors.

The main reason a paint job increases your car’s resale value is that it shows to prospective buyers that you took care of your car.

Remember, when you saw cars sold by private sellers, which cars appealed to you? The chipped rusted paint or the ones that looked brand new? Cars showing signs of neglect such as faded or chipped paint, ripped upholstery, broken tail lights, or bad tires will hardly sell. If you are lucky, you’ll only get a few hundred bucks. 

If all minor issues have been fixed and a new paint job is done before selling, you may be able to get a couple of thousand dollars for it instead of a few hundred.

Discuss With Custom Paint Job Specialists

If you are ready to replace that paint on your car to boost resale value, you need to know what colors and finishes are available and what a paint job would cost. One of our professional car painting specialists here at Maaco can answer all these questions and even more.