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Inspirational Ways to Start the Day

By Editorial Staff

inspirational ways to start the dayWaking up early in the morning can be difficult.

The alarm goes off and most people’s first thought is something along the lines of, “Not this again…” or “I hate the mornings!” This way of thinking can color your outlook for the rest of the day. Why not start the day with tools or tasks that give you a jumpstart? Below we will go over inspirational ways to start the day.

10. Avoid the phone

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dream journals

It is common knowledge that you should avoid looking at screens at bedtime. But did you know that it is also a good idea to avoid checking social media or going on your phone when you first wake up? We spend most of our days staring at computer and television screens, and that artificial light messes up the natural sleep cycle. Instead of going on the phone, consider saving your dreams in a beautiful large journal to gain a sense of self-awareness.

9. Gratitude


Before beginning the day, it grounds the mind to consider things to be grateful for. Taking time to be thankful for the privileges and blessings in life soothe anxieties and grant perspective. This can be part of a morning ritual when first waking up and written as part of a gratitude journal with inspirational scriptures that you keep by the bed.

8. Stretching


Sitting down all day working and then going to sleep can lead to muscle tension in the neck and back, which is then aggravated by daily stress. Stretching is an inspirational way to start the day because it gets blood flowing to the brain and helps clear out the fog of sleep. This leads to a more productive morning!

7. Going outside

forest bathing

In Japan, the practice of “forest bathing” consists of simply being in the presence of trees and enclosed in nature. Careers and family obligations don’t allow for much exposure to the great outdoors in modern civilization. Taking the time to start the day in nature has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure and stress hormones, while improving immune system function. These physiological benefits extend to improved mental well-being and decreased generalized anxiety.

6. Listening to music or an inspirational podcast

listen to music and podcasts

Starting the day with upbeat music cds helps shake off a sleep-clouded mind and inspires a happy morning. Dancing to music while getting ready or while cooking breakfast encourages a good mood which sets the tone for a bright day.

5. Meditate


Taking the time to sit in silence soothes a busy mind. Meditating in the morning is an inspirational way to start the day because it helps train the mind to slow down and organize thoughts with ease. It counteracts anxiety which will prepare you for the day ahead.

4. Exercise


While stretching gets the blood flowing in the morning, the physiological changes that occur after exercise also make it an inspirational way to start to the day. Exercising and getting the heart rate up in the morning releases dopamine, a feel good chemical in the brain. This will also lead to better rest at night and an easier morning.

3. Create something

creative breakfast

Whether it be breakfast, a to-do list, or a face full of makeup; creating something in the morning jumpstarts inspiration for the rest of the day. Creativity is endlessly useful in any career or circumstance. Work out the creative muscle with a small ritual like this first thing in the morning and find inspiration in unexpected places.

2. Organize something small


Upon waking up in the morning, it can be inspiring to dive into a necessary task. Before the brain has a chance to even consider procrastinating, begin organizing something that you have been putting off. Clean those dishes, balance that checkbook, start that paper. Getting that task out of the way creates a feeling of accomplishment that will color the rest of the day.

1. Get a good alarm


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Traditional alarm clocks have been either small bells or digital honking. These sounds are harsh and don’t exactly welcome the day. Spending the time or money on phone applications or alarm clocks with natural sounds gently wakens you, allowing for a less jarring start and a more positive approach to the morning.

The general rule in our top 10 inspirational ways to start the day is that it is best to invest in your well-being. The mornings can be hectic and it is easy to forget to take the time to look after ourselves. Investing in yourself means understanding that self-care makes it easier to go through the daily routines.

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow


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