Undie Tech: tomorrow?s lingerie is here

Tomorrow's undies and push-bras use lingerie technology for your best body

Tomorrow’s undies and push-bras use lingerie technology for your best body

Underneath it all, the right combination of lingerie can make a women feel comfortable and sexy on the inside and confident on the outside.

No woman wants to fuss over a strap, bra bulge and padding that seems to have deformed, making her favorite blouse look as though it?s been attacked. The right fit, fabric and style can make all the difference. Thank goodness for lingerie technology.

Innovations in intimate apparel have allowed comfort and sex appeal to be married into softer cuts, better fits, enhancing and seamless looks for bras and panties. Whether push-up, strapless, convertible, or wide strapped, the possibilities are endless for the brassiere.

Push-up bras date back to the 1800?s, but it didn?t become commonplace until 1907 when it was featured in the bible of fashion, Vogue magazine. Unfortunately, only the well-to do were able to afford such a luxury while the everyday woman was left wearing a mere cotton halter or no bra at all. Today?s push-up bras come in many forms and fashion styles providing the ultimate enhancement sans plastic surgery.


New styles of push-up bras contain foam or air padding or no padding at all, and some are made with anti-bulging stretch fabric to contour the back. With all of these innovations in lingerie technology, how can one go wrong?

Bra shopping for women larger in cup size can be daunting and complex. When facing the dressing room mirror, the check list of needs (support, coverage and comfort) is a short one, but not all are always met. After trial and error of a dozen or so bras in the fitting room, the result is often one good fitting bra.

With the click of a mouse a woman can now easily locate a bra that fulfills her needs. With the introduction of powernet, a highly durable and comfortable fabric, many larger sized bras are created with a criss-cross reinforcement band for posture support and correction, and wireless for added comfort. Sassy lace bras are also made in larger, full coverage cups with wider straps and elastic lace that adjusts to your shape. Now, women can spend more of their valuable time looking for the right pair of shoes!

The last thing a woman wants to worry about is her panty line or in which direction her panties have shifted under her pencil skirt. Panty styles have also come a long way from the basic cotton brief. Present panty styles seem molded onto the body rather than bunched up at the seams thanks to laser technology production. 

This type of lingerie technology produces a line of undergarments with an accurate fit and invisible appearance under clothing.  Plus, with the inclusion of microfiber, fabrics are now softer and moisture wicking for an all day comfort. The seamless cuts in bikini briefs and hiphuggers are great for denim, pants, skirts or dresses.

The time is ripe to empty out the lingerie drawer and update your undies.