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Maid of honor ideas

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

A maid of honor gift comes from ideas relating to her invaluable assistance

A maid of honor gift comes from ideas relating to her invaluable assistance

Here comes the bride?and the maid of honor. And the groom. And the groomsmen. And the bridesmaids. And the flower girl. And ring bearer. An entourage resembling an exotic caravan laden with fragrant oriental spices and treasures of silver and gold can be a major part of the dream-come-true for little girls who grow up craving a big wedding. Other girls envision something more intimate. It?s a matter of personal choice but the role of the maid of honor is one that remains a constant in most wedding plans. That?s why maid of honor ideas for a special gift need plenty of consideration.

Whether the gathering is a small wedding or a grand affair, the maid of honor or matron of honor plays a special role in it. She may be a friend from childhood, a college roommate or a relative. She is someone held in high regard. And most brides spend considerable time thinking about maid of honor ideas that yield a special gift whose beauty reflects the bride?s high esteem for her maid of honor.

What is the role of a Maid of Honor?

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A maid of honor is a bride?s best defense against screaming out loud as the big day approaches. Maid of honor ideas abound but choosing the right gift for a maid of honor reflects a bride?s appreciation for this special person. The maid of honor performs an endless array of duties?jobs that begin long before the bells ring. In many cases, she provides emotional support and physical assistance. She helps address invitations and researches great places for the reception and bachelorette party.

The maid of honor frequently tracks delivery of decorations, flowers, wine and favors. She helps with the seating arrangements and rehearsal dinner. Hers may be the ideas leading to beautiful wedding reception table decorations. She does everything to help make wedding preparations smooth and calm.

When a bride thinks about all the help provided by a maid of honor, a bride usually realizes that maid of honor ideas resulting in a special gift are mental acrobatics that chronicle this person?s invaluable assistance. Maid of honor ideas for appropriate gifts include thoughts about tokens of esteem that will bring that person special memories.

What is an appropriate gift?

Maid of honor ideas encompass a gamut of possibilities for choosing gifts. Ideas for maid of honor gifts traverse a wide range of items. The cost of the item can be exorbitant or modest. Its value mostly is a sentimental one. The gift needs careful selection, for maid of honor ideas result in a gift that the maid of honor will enjoy looking at and using for years to come. The gift can be decorative or something wearable such as a pendent, pin or bracelet. It can be something beautiful that is engraved and dated as an extra-special touch.

Maid of honor ideas with a touch of romance are appreciated. Think of the surprise when the maid of honor opens a gift box containing a lovely crystal frame, trinket dish, or an elegant silver jewelry box, inscribed to mark the occasion. Maid of honor ideas take time to come to fruition but usually result in a gift that always gives a smile.

What gifts should be avoided?

The longevity factor is an important one when it comes to maid of honor ideas for gifts. Maid of honor ideas may come to mind with the velocity of a speeding train. Pause. Take a breath. The gift that sounds good now may not be a good choice in the long run. Maid of honor ideas for gifts that will be pleasing both now and in the future take time to formulate.

Ask yourself what the maid of honor is known for enjoying. Is there a special hobby or activity in which she indulges? Maid of honor ideas reflect some thought. Rarely do they result in a hasty choice.

Nevertheless, there are things to consider as exclusions when it comes to maid of honor ideas. Live plants requiring constant upkeep may not be a good choice. Fruit baskets are nondescript. Sweaters and other apparel items are rather blah. And giving an animal of any sort probably is not a great idea.

True, a maid of honor may be a pet person. If so, she talks endlessly about her pooch, pet snake or her kitty cat. That?s all well and good. However, maid of honor ideas for something she will enjoy rarely include an animal of any sort. It?s up to you. But many knowledgeable in the field of wedding planning offer advice against giving any animal, even a bird?even a beautiful, white love bird.


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