Matching favors to your wedding theme

Matching favors to your wedding theme is easy and creates a coordinated feeling

Matching favors to your wedding theme is easy and creates a coordinated feeling

Attention to detail is important, particularly for the bride who wants the perfect wedding, with all the T’s crossed and the I’s dotted. The big decisions have been made — the bride’s gown, the flowers, the music, the cake, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the men’s tuxedos and the venue.

Now it is time to get down to the nitty gritty: Choosing the favors. Matching favors to the wedding theme is certainly doable and, figuratively speaking, the icing on the cake. Your guests will oooh and aaahh over the clever and memorable items you have chosen to incorporate into your big day.

Personalized totes, flasks, Hershey’s kisses and coasters in every conceivable color and design are yours for the shopping. Fans and colorful parasols are the perfect favor, particularly when get married on a sultry day. The bride and groom want everyone to be comfortable. Parasols or fans are offered to the guests as they arrive or are placed on their seats. Not only are these items functional but they are elegant and colorful.

Giving a monogrammed canvas tote in your bridal colors to your attendants is a great way of saying “Thank you.” The bridesmaids will use the tote on the big day as well as in the future.


What about a canvas wine tote, with or without wine in it? That is an awesome gift.

Fill shimmery gift bags complete with elegant drawstrings with personalized candy. This is a nice treat. People will start munching on the candy long before they leave the premises, of that you can be sure.

Personalized coasters, with a picture of the newlyweds, can be taken home and re-used by the guests. Put the guests’ names on the coaster, designating where they are to sit. You are killing two birds with one stone: The coaster is providing the guest with directions (Table 8) as well as a take-home gift he can use later.

What woman wouldn’t get a kick out of receiving a monogrammed make-up bag? This is definitely something she will re-use. The colorful pink or red or blue or purple bag you give her will remind her of your wedding day theme and the day itself. This is the perfect present for the bridesmaids.

If you are living ‘green,’ how about giving white beeswax candles to your guests or a seed paper in your choice of hues that is plantable? The seed favors bloom into wildflowers when they are planted. This is the ideal eco-friendly favor.

Do not forget the flower girl and ring bearer. The flower girl will love a personalized charm bracelet or jewelry box. The ring bearer will get a kick out of a personalized harmonica. He might even serenade you. 

Don’t forget the pets! If your dog or cat is part of the event, dress it in a tuxedo or supply the creature with a tuxedo collar. Put a hair bow in the fur. Rover and Kitty probably won’t be too thrilled but they may cut you some slack and cooperate since it is such an important day for their owner … and surely they know that.

When favors are personalized, either with the bridal couples’ names or the names of the bridal party members or even the guests’ names, this is a fabulous way of recognizing those present, letting them know you are thinking about them as much as they are thinking about you. A thoughtful favor shows your appreciation for their support and attendance.

Selecting favors may be too much fun! Trying to decide what you want to use may make your head spin. Heck, select a bunch of different items that reflect your style. More is more, right? Enjoy.