From undergarments to business suits, cotton is the natural choice.

From undergarments to business suits, cotton is the natural choice.

Slip on a short-sleeve tee or sundress and chances are it is made of comfortable, breathable cotton. Natural cotton clothing provides cool comfort in humid weather and holds warmth in the colder winter months. From your favorite pair of shorts to flannel pajamas, cotton is extremely versatile and the perfect apparel choice for comfort any time of year. Chosen for its durability, strength and absorbency, cotton is a natural choice for casual or formal wear.

Cotton is a renewable, biodegradable source used for centuries by many cultures. There is evidence of cotton fabric as early as 3000 BC. In 1793, Eli Whitney secured the first patent on the cotton gin. This new gin could perform the work 10 times faster than by hand. This paved the way for a fast growing textile industry craving the need of cotton for fabric.

Cotton is highly absorbent and accepts dyes well. Brilliant reds, yellows and blues hold fast with cotton fabric and give plenty of fashion choices. It’s long lasting durability holds up wash after wash and tolerates the high heat of dryers well. Another bonus is when you pull cotton clothing from the dryer – it is free of static electricity. No more tugging on your skirt to pull it away from your legs!

Lets look at some other benefits of natural cotton clothing:

Hypoallergenic – and dust mite resistant. Give your itchy nose and watery eyes a break! Natural cotton clothing is a good choice for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. This makes cotton fabric a preferred staple for hospital gowns and scrubs. Firefighters prefer the use of cotton clothing as well. The cotton fabric of their uniforms easily absorbs flame retardant substances to keep them safe while on duty. Unlike some wools or nylons, cotton also does not irritate or scratch the skin…cool and comfortable to the touch, cotton is quite soothing on the skin.

Breathable – Cotton absorbs moisture and heat from the skin to keep your body cool and dry in humid, sticky weather. It can absorb a considerable amount of its weight in water before your clothing starts to feel damp. Light cotton tees, sundresses, summer scarves, and shorts made of cotton are perfect choices to make those summer months more bearable.

Organic cotton – Although it is true that cotton is a natural fabric, organic cotton has been grown and harvested without the use of pesticides. Earth friendly, safe against your skin and great for the environment!
Versatile – Natural cotton clothing can consist of everything from undergarments to denim to that “little black dress” for evening wear. Relatively inexpensive, cotton makes your casual, business  and formal wear attractive as well as affordable.

Cotton is the perfect choice for all your garments. Natural, biodegradable, affordable and comfortable, cotton clothing  has been the natural choice throughout the ages.