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Top 10 New Career Opportunities

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

Once upon the time, people made a good living as sales clerks. Times changed, and new careers in factory assembly became the most sought-after way to make a good living.

Fast forward to the 2000’s and in-demand careers have radically changed again. If you’re trying to figure out what career opportunities will be there when you graduate, or what to choose for your next career, we have some suggestions for you. Here are the top 10 new career opportunities, from high tech to old-fashioned service.

10. Sustainable building contractor

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The combination of mainstream acceptance of green building choices and the skyrocketing cost of energy means the demand for contractors who build and remodel using green materials and sustainable energy will continue to grow.

Students with studying architecture will want to make sure they have a solid grounding in low-impact materials, use of local materials and incorporating renewal energy options.

9. Remote employee labor law expert

The old standard of recording hours worked by seat time is in the process of changing. While remote employees are more productive and committed than their in-office counterparts, they present new challenges for employers attempting to comply with minimum wage, overtime and medical leave policies.

Both penalties and lawsuits are expected to rise as these issues are worked out, and that means more labor law attorneys and paralegals will be needed.

8. Genetic counselor

Genetic testing, once reserved for a few rare diseases, is going mainstream. But unfortunately, most of the results don’t come with a matching treatment.

That means people will need genetic counselors to help them understand the implications of the results, and how it might impact decisions about medical care, having children or choosing a lifestyle.

7. Geriatric nurse

The huge numbers of baby boomers now in their late 50’s and 60’s means that demand for age-related health care is rising. Geriatric nurses and nurse practitioners will be providing much of the health care for this aging population.

Ironically, the nurses from that same generation are leaving the workforce, creating an even larger gap between need and available nursing staff.

6. Fertility specialists

Over the past 10 years, the infertility issues have reached a large portion of the population.

For many couples, the new norm of spending more years in college, followed by a decade or more in the workplace before attempting to start a family have resulted in problems conceiving.

There is no sign of this trend reversing, so demand will remain high. And a brand new increase in first time moms in their 50’s will add to the demand for fertility researchers and doctors.

5. Mobile app programmer

The smart phone and the tablet are replacing the laptop as the mobile computer of choice. And the most popular aspects of those handheld devices lie in the apps.

More and more businesses are using apps as tools for connecting with customers or providing value-added content to their standard offerings. And that means more and more programmers needed for a trend that shows no sign of ending.

4. Green technology engineer

Like the sustainable building contractor, this career is being driven by a widespread acceptance of the green agenda, coupled with high energy costs.

Budget-conscious consumers are no longer willing to pay huge premiums for green products, so engineers will also be needed to make existing green tools more cost-efficient.

3. Concierge doctor

The irony is that these at-your-home doctors are more of a return to the old model of medicine, rather than a new development. As people become less willing to submit to the impersonal – and often dangerous – clinic or hospital setting, these concierge medical practioners will become more and more in demand.

2. Cyber security specialist

Cloud computing, with its large online storage of often personal data has lead to an increased need for cyber security specialists. Remote access tools, smart phones and other devices are multiplying the risk – and the demand.

1. Boutique hotel owner

For years, people sought out familiar hotel chains as a guarantee of predictable quality. But with a growing weariness with ugly polyester bedspeads and a realization that predictable did not equate to quality, the boutique hotel trend began to grow.

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Like the consierge doctor, this growing trend represents more of a return to an earlier model than a new idea. But none-the-less, the predicted growth means many opportunities for hotel owners, managers and support staff.


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