Old Fashioned Romantic Gifts

old fashioned giftContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

When love is in its first blush (when you still open doors or her, and whisper “No, you hand up first,” before hanging up the phone) nothing says “I love you” like an unexpected trinket, a thoughtful memento, or a quaint token to show that you care her.

Here are some old fashion gifts that will win your lady’s heart and will earn you more than a few stolen kisses.

10. Cameos


A ruffle of lace gathered at the base of a pale neck and modestly fastened with an intricate cameo shows grace and refinement. This old fashioned jewelry is as romantic as it is sensual. It does not scream for attention; it whispers. It is exactly this understated elegance that gets noticed.

9. Perfume Bottle

perfume bottle

You can’t help but love the way she smells—clean, and soft, and delicate. Give her a bottle worthy of her signature scent. Exquisitely designed glass bottles, silver polished to a gleam, or hand-painted bottles to brighten up her dressing table are welcome additions to a lady’s room.

8. Biscuit Jar

biscotti jars at Artistica

Nothing is more romantic than being noticed. Show her that you care about her preferences with a gift of her favorite sweets tucked inside a lovely biscuit jar. The jar will be a reminder of your care and attention long after the last cookie or chocolate has been devoured.

7. Candelabra


They say that candlelight makes everything more romantic. Set the scene for your great love-affair: a sterling silver candelabra that casts a golden glow over your evening. Over a romantic dinner, tell her how the flickering flame brings out the gold flecks in her eyes and watch the passion ignite.

6. Perfect Cookies

white chocolate cranberry cookies

At some point, you will have to woe her best friends. You should be prepared. Nothing sets the tone and eases tension like a treat to win over her besties. Consider some classic cookies to bring out the sweet in your beloved’s BFFs – you will be the darling of girl’s weekend if you think ahead and send a basket of classic cookies for their late night musings.

5. Journal


She wants to feel heard, to feel understood. Show her how important her words are to you with a fine journal. Encourage her to write down her thoughts, and hopes, and fears, and tell her that you will join her in her journey.

4. Books


She has a Kindle, a Nook, and a tablet. She reads in the car, on the train, in the bath, and in bed. Give her something quaint and old-fashioned…like a book. A “real” book, with paper pages that she can dog-ear (nor not). A book that smells of ink and paper and can be read in a hot bath without fear of electrocution.

3. Victoriana

Victorian tear bottle

Show her that you notice her love of everything Victorian – the height of romance – with a tear bottle that is as lovely as she is. Be certain to tuck in a romantic note that you will never purposely cause her to shed a tear.

2. Hats & Millinery

hats at Delmonico Hatter

It takes a certain kind of woman to be able to wear a hat. It takes a sense of self, a certain confidence. She could do it, though. Your lady has that kind of bearing…that kind of class. Indulge her with a stylish hat worthy of being her crowning glory.

1. Locket


Some gifts have a story to tell. They have a bit more meaning…are more personal. A locket is that kind of gift. A locket is a gift that can hold a gift—a picture, a lock of hair, a poem, or perhaps a particularly good fortune from the Chinese place she loves.

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