Living at a fast pace requires you to know where to start organizing your room

Living at a fast pace requires you to know where to start organizing your room

Where to Start Organizing Your Room? That’s the one question we all ask ourselves even before committing to getting organized. Spring cleaning is long gone, but you still have time to organize yourself for a clutter-free summer! Start by tackling each room separately and try to not do it all in one day.

Make a list of what you want to accomplish: do you need more space? are you looking to sell some used items? will you be recycling or donating anything?

Tackle each room with a new list and you’ll be happy to check off things as you go. Labels help you organize and see where things are quicker, so grab a few before you start. Label bins, boxes and containers so that your belongings always have a place that is designated for them. This makes picking up easier, keeps you organized and helps you find things later.

Where to Start

Choose any of the following rooms and begin. You’ll be one step ahead of where you were before, so anywhere is fine as long as you follow through.


Probably the easiest room to start with because it’s smaller than the rest of them. Yes, the cleaning is a little more intense, but after you have this done, it’ll be easy to do the rest. Start by gathering the dirty towels, clothes and hamper and taking them to the laundry. Start a load as you clean and by the time you’re half way done, so will the laundry. Wear gloves to clean.

Wipe down surfaces with Clorox Wipes, while spraying bathtub bubbles to start their action. Drop a cleaner into the toilet and flush. Scrub, Rinse, Repeat if needed! Mop the water mess on the floor and you’re done.


Living Room

Depending on how many people are in your family, your living room will be more or less likely to be messy. If your kids have toys all over the house, this is a great time to get them toy chests to keep their toys in. Enlist your kids in helping out by turning on some loud music and getting them into the fun cleaning mood.

Vacuum, dust and organize your books and DVDs around the house. Find the remote controls for every piece of equipment and place them in a basket. Spray some lovely smelling air spray and move on.


First things first: change your sheets and make the bed.

That is the easiest way to make a bedroom look organized!

After that, just place things in their appropriate stop, vacuum, sweep, and wipe off surfaces. Use storage boxes under your bed to organize extra clothes you don’t use as much in your closet. This will help by saving space and getting them out of your sight.


As with the bedroom, there is one thing you need to do before even thinking about organizing the kitchen: DISHES! Get them in the dishwasher or get them done, but just do it! While the dishwasher is running, look through your fridge and dispose of leftovers. Give it a good wipe down as well.

Look in your cabinets and either recycle or throw away items with no lids. Focus on what you do use on an every day basis and donate everything else you don’t. Same thing with canned items and spices. Do you really need 5 cinnamon shakers? No you don’t!

Here are a few general items to help you and your home to get organized and clutter-free:

  • plastic trunks
  • labels
  • folders for papers
  • drawer containers
  • separators
  • space bags


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