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Party-work balancing tips

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Here are some tips on how to balance a party work lifestyle for young people

Here are some tips on how to balance a party work lifestyle for young people

Learning to balance work-time with party-time is a difficult feat for most people, especially the younger generation who are either students or entering the workforce. Young people typically have less responsibilities while they are growing up. Hence, being around friends and engaging in leisurely activities make up most of their past-times. 
However, whether they are a student in college or a young, working professional, it is essential to establish a boundary between work and play-time. 

More specifically, young people need to create a balance between work and social time such that neither negatively affects the others. Life is all about moderation and learning to balance professional endeavors with social activities such as partying will lead to a healthier, happier you, young or old! Learn to strike a balance between party-work with the following tips.

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As with all people, young people need to determine their priorities as they transition into the working world. Work should be a top priority for a young person as he or she is usually inexperienced in their field or career choice at this stage. The younger years are the time to start developing skills, gaining experience and setting professional goals for growth and advancements. 

Work is also imperative as it provides financial security, enabling you to pay rent or afford a house. It also gets food to the table and is essential to supporting a family.


However, work is not everything in life. If you ask most people what should be, and what is, their main priorities in life, family, friends and good health usually top the list. Good health pertains not only to physical health but also mental health. Having an active social life typically creates a happier, joyful and well-rounded person versus a person who is lonely or a workaholic.

An active social life for younger people almost always involves partying. This is normal as long as partying does not become excessive, interfere with relationships, affect your health negatively and, of course, does not disrupt your work. 

If partying begins to adversely affect your ability to work, then you should take a step back and determine what you need to do to prevent this from happening. Continued interference could lead to lackluster performances at work, a compromised career path and possibly end with you getting fired. 

Party on the weekend

An ideal way to separate work from party-time is to leave partying to the weekends when you are not working. If you do work on the weekends, then select a couple of days during the week that you have off and are able to enjoy yourself more without worrying about being late for work the next day or missing a deadline. This will allow you to enjoy your time out with friends more because you will not be as stressed about work demands. 

During the weekday or the days that you work consecutively, it is best to stay in during the evening or avoid long nights out that leave you sluggish and tired.

Low-key parties

As younger people get older and more mature, long nights spent partying slowly lose their appeal.

 A night out can still be enjoyable without being out at late hours, at bars and clubs or imbibing in alcohol. Balance work with parties by planning some low-key parties that involve only a few close friends. A great idea is to invite along some of your co-workers to an event, a friend’s house or your own house for a dinner party and mingling to get to know each other better. Having co-workers around will also form a type of group support since you all know that you have work duties the following day. 

Keep alcohol to a minimum by serving wine with dinner and perhaps coffee with dessert post-meal to wind down and allow for casual conversation. If you are at a friend’s house or do choose to drink, keep it to one to two drinks and alternate with water to avoid a hangover. Better yet, plan to be the designated driver for some friends who don’t have to work early the next day.

Have fun – wisely

Above all, younger people need to use their common-sense and know when to quit. If you or your friends start to notice a problem with your partying or conflicts with work, then act on those behaviors immediately. By planning ahead and organizing your goals, you can have your fun at any age while still working hard towards professional growth.


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