people who work at nightContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

In today’s world, working hours aren’t only relegated to the day time as many jobs also require night shift hours.

Although most people may prefer a routine work schedule of nine a.m. to five p.m., there are still others that enjoy changing up their schedule and working late-night hours. Still other employees may work night shifts simply for the work and paycheck. Disadvantages to working during the night include a disrupted sleep schedule and missed social opportunities. However, working during the night may also give you the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family earlier during the day. Many night-shift jobs also pay a higher wage to attract employees.

Consider the following top ten people who work at night and see if your own job – or dream job – makes the list.

10. Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers are among the top people who work at night as their job requires them to work varying shifts during the day, afternoon or late night. Most taxi drivers are busy during the late night hours as a result of people going to and from nightclubs, getting off work or arriving on a late flight at the airport.

9. Air traffic controllers

 Air traffic controllers

Since airports have flights running at all times during day or night, it is essential to have air traffic controllers also working 24/7. An air traffic controller may alternate between day and night shifts and may work as a radar controller, airport tower controller or terminal controller.

8. Bakers


Pastry bakers and chefs often start their days early in the morning anywhere from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. The job requires working in the dark in order to get the day’s baked goods and products started early to ensure freshness and high-quality.

7. Bartenders


Bartenders work late into the night or early morning during their shifts thanks to the nature of the nightclub scene. Bars, pubs and clubs typically garner the most customers just before or after midnight for drinking and dancing with friends.

6. Store employee

Store employee

Department stores and grocery stores usually have night-shift workers that work overnight to perform duties that may not be done during the day. Typical duties of night-shift staff include stocking shelves, taking inventory or shipping merchandise. Other overnight employees may work in the maintenance or janitorial department cleaning floors, display cases and fixing equipment.

5. Healthcare workers

 Healthcare workers

Healthcare workers inevitably end up having to work night shifts regularly since hospitals are open and operating at all hours. Shift-workers include doctors, nurses, aides, administration staff and paramedics.

4. Protective service

 Protective service

Employees in protective service jobs work round-the-clock shifts in order to keep properties, businesses and people safe. Job may include security guards, police officers, firefighters and correctional officers.

3. Pizza delivery

 Pizza delivery

If you’re craving pizza for a late-night meal or snack, you can always order takeout and have it delivered to your door long after the sun is set. People returning home late from a nightclub or teens at a sleepover typically order pizza late at night to satisfy the munchies with friends.

2. Gas station attendants

Gas station attendants

Gas stations are usually open 24 hours, particularly stations located among major highways. People travel at all hours of the night for holiday or work purposes; hence access to open gas stations for car fuel and snacks is priority.

1. Customer service representative

Customer service representative

Call centers employ customer service representatives at all hours of the day and night. Working as a CSR may be ideal for someone looking for part-time work to do at night that is flexible and pays relatively well.