Have you heard of a personalized story book and how inspirational it can be

Have you heard of a personalized story book and how inspirational it can be

When it comes to learning the facts of life, most people will agree that being able to insert themselves into a particular situation makes them understand that situation that much better. This particular scenario is especially true when you are trying to teach kids all sorts of different aspects of their lives while they are just starting out.

While young children want to understand one story or another, it can be hard to develop empathy at a very young age because they simply don’t have a whole lot of life experience to fall back on. This is just one of the reasons personalized story books are something that every child should have access to.

What are personalized story books? It appears that this a relatively new phenomenon and something that we can credit the Internet with helping to proliferate. While there may have been these kinds of children’s books long before the net was around, the ease of making these has been aided quite a bit with online tools. These books are basically what they sound like and depending on what company you go through, the detail to which they can be personalized varies.


The one constant when dealing with these kinds of books, is that your child will be able to see their name included in the story. This means that all of the sudden a Scooby Doo fan who has always dreamed of fighting crime and solving mysteries along side the gang will get to see their name depicted as if they are helping Shaggy and Velma uncover who the monster really is and why they they needed to get rid of those meddling kids.

Some books like this are also allow you to put in a child’s friends or families into the book. This means that the kids will feel even more immersed in the story and could even follow along better. When a child sees their name in the book alongside the storybook characters they love, they will sit up and take notice. These children will become even more engaged in not only the story they are reading but can develop an overall abiding love for reading in general.

There are other books that will allow you to get the story to take place in the child’s home town, also making the story more personal to them. If Batman is taking on the Joker in Sacramento, California instead of some fake town known as Gotham City, your child may feel as though they can understand the story and the moral of the story that much better. By including the child in the book, they get the thrill of seeing their name in print but also realize that these stories are meant to resonate with them.

Just how much a book can be personalized depends not only on the company, but on the book itself. There are some books out there that will actually allow you to not only change the names of the main characters, or where the story takes place, but even the ethnicity of the characters. The stories seem to come in almost any kind of category you can think of, meaning that no matter what your child is interested in, you will be able to find a story that will resonate with them.

Your child can fight alongside Superman and Wonder Woman, or they can join a pirate’s crew or they can lead their team to victory in the big game. Whatever the setting for the story, the point is the same. Children will learn faster and take a better interest if they feel like they can picture themselves doing the things that are described in these stories.