by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

Jewelry can make or break an outfit, as many women know.

And, just as there are classic staples every woman needs in her wardrobe, the same goes for her jewelry box. These accessories will complement the latest trends and glam up neutral styles. There’s no need to wait and receive any of these as gifts – although they are nice to receive. Here are the top 10 pieces of jewelry you need.

10. Pearls


Nothing is more classic than a strand – or two, or three – of pearls. They never go out of style and can make almost any outfit feel instantly sophisticated and classy. There are a wide variety of price points, too. Cultured freshwater pearls are significantly less expensive than those traditionally harvested. Looking for a new way to wear your pearl necklace? Wrap it around your wrist a couple of times for a sweet bracelet.

9. Locket


Whether you tuck in a favorite picture of a loved one or leave it empty, lockets add interest to an outfit. This necklace can take a basic t-shirt and jeans from comfy to classy casual. The addition of jewelry shows you care about your appearance and put in thought and effort. Lockets are available at many retailers and if you love the vintage vibe, look at antique shops and estate sales.

8. Gold studs

gold studs

These gold stud earrings play a supporting role when worn with statement necklaces or bracelets and are the perfect finishing touch. Also, if you are a new mom, there is less likelihood of these getting grabbed and pulled on. If gold isn’t really your style, opt for silver or another metallic finish.

7. Diamond studs

diamond studs

A must-have for a bit of sparkle. Any size instantly adds glamour and are ideal for every occasion, from the most casual to ultra-elegant. Options for this earring include diamond pavé and crystal. Pavé is a French word meaning ‘to pave’ – in this case, with a multitude of tiny diamonds or pieces of diamond. It’s a great way to get a set of real diamond studs at a fraction of the price of a whole stone.

6. Rock glam

rock glam

Think tough, rock-n-roll styling. Plenty of chains, studs and spikes adorn these accessories. Leather necklaces or wrist cuffs embellished with metallic studs instantly transform a soft look to one that is feminine with a hard edge. Have fun with this look, layering pieces and combining styles.

5. Large watch


Go for a menswear inspired piece that your boyfriend or dad would like to see on their own wrist. For women, these watches have larger faces and leather or metallic straps without much in the way of embellishment. Think sleek with neutral, masculine colors. If you’re wearing a floaty, floral dress, this watch will ground the outfit and give it a hint of seriousness.

4. Cuff bracelets and bangles

cuff bracelets

Big, bold and metallic is what you should look for in a cuff bracelet. They make a strong, sleek outfit look even stronger – and more glamorous. If the cuff is just not something you’re into, pile on a few delicate bangles. These thin bracelets can be stacked to resemble a cuff and will gently move with you as you go about your day.

3. Casual and cocktail rings

cocktail ring at Diamond Essence

Also known as the right-hand ring, these options are endless. This is a piece of jewelry that you definitely pick out for yourself. If you’re only going to wear it occasionally, look for a larger semi-precious stone, maybe with a diamond accent or two. There are beautiful simulated diamond and gemstone rings that will get you lots of bling at a great price. If it’s for a casual, every day look, consider stackable rings or a monogrammed pinky ring.

2. Metallic hoops

hoops at McCarver and Moser

Simple hoop earrings can add dramatic impact to an outfit. Go for one that is slightly larger than a silver dollar in the type of metal that you prefer to wear. To really show these off, wear your hair pulled back.

1. Statement necklace

statement necklace

This necklace is a wow-factor all by itself. Perfect for neutral or plainer outfits, a bold necklace will transform your look instantly. To add an ethnic vibe, consider a necklace in turquoise. This blue-green stone works well with many styles and is usually very affordable.