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Popular Illustrators on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Social media, especially image-based platforms like Instagram, have become amazing resources for up-and-coming artists.

Here I have compiled some of the most successful and creative illustrators for inspiration. Check out these Instagram illustrators you should follow and maybe consider picking up a paintbrush yourself!

10. @taranicolewhitaker

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Tara Nicole Whitaker is an animator for Disney and shares the work she creates in her off-time on her Instagram page. Her work focuses on powerful black women in history as well as offering a spectacular look at the potential for diversity in illustration.

9. @loisvb

Loish is another digital artist with a massive following on Instagram; over 1 million fans! When reviewing her work, it is easy to see why. Loish’s attention to character design highlights the versatility of digital art. Practically every portrait is infused with a strong, feminine energy with a touch of magic.

8. @vskafandre

This artist has recently received international acclaim for her works focusing on the beauty of father/daughter relationships. The softness of watercolor is amplified by the adorable roundness of her illustrations, lending a warm, sentimental element to her work.

7. @qinniart

Rich in color and imagination, the page for Qing Han’s Instagram looks like something out of a dream. Qing’s art is full of magic women, cosmic aesthetic, and fantasy. Using goache, ink, and watercolor, Qing Han curates a dreamscape of a world that is easy to get lost in.

6. @fionastaples

Famous for her work on comic book hits such as Saga, Fiona Staples began her career as an illustrator known for her amazing line work and impeccable detail. Now an icon in the industry, Fiona’s style has influenced the works of countless others and drawn fans by the thousands.

5. @albinwonderland

Angelina is a Canadian artist who works with a variety of mediums. Her styles stretch a wide breadth; from focusing on hyperfeminine aesthetics to re-creating characters from her favorite television shows and comic books. This Instagram account is perfect for the little kid in us who refused to throw away their Lisa Frank folders.

4. @vashtiharrison

Vashti Harrison is a wildly talented children’s book creator–she writes and paints all of her own books, as well as shares her illustrations and works-in-progress on her Instagram page. Vashti’s focus on centering black and brown children in her art is what gives her work a powerful message.

3. @adamtots

Adam Ellis is an American illustrator whose work is filled with comedy about pop culture and pet ownership. His material is digitally created, lending a casual, yet refined look to his illustrations. Check out his page for a good laugh and genuinely unique material.

2. @Nataliestudio

Based out of Singapore, Natalie is an established watercolorist concentrating on earth, nature, and florals in her art. She offers classes in her home, as well as simple challenges for beginning artists on her Instagram account. As an established watercolorist, Natalie encourages people to try out new mediums and to not be afraid of a little paint.

1. @moosekleenex

While her Instagram name may sound funny, Kelly Bastow’s work is of quite a serious caliber. Using almost exclusively black and white, Bastow creates characters in interestingly dark scenarios with a surprisingly light touch. When not working in monochrome, Bastow celebrates the human body in ways that draw the viewer in and makes them consider their own approach to body positivity.

These are the top Instagram illustrators you should follow, in this writer’s opinion. Now obviously, there is no set hierarchy for illustration talent—these are just artists who I have found to be incredibly unique and inspiring. Feel free to check out other artists in Instagram and let me know who your favorite is in the comments section below.

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