One of the best of preschool education game storesContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Educational games for the preschool age youngster have come a long way since the sock puppet!

At a pre-k level, kids can start learning about the sciences and the arts…and love every minute of it. They can also just enjoy some good old-fashion family time with a “memory” or “counting” board game.

Listed below are five online stores that feature their own distinctive line of preschool education games. So let the games begin for eager little minds.

Imaginative Play

Because kids to learn bes through play

child with pretend wokshop

More than books or lessons or anything else we grownups might plan, kids learn through play. That’s why it’s so important to provide them with the toys and game they need to try on big-people roles like builder, parent, doctor or store keeper. Lots of toy stores have exactly what your preschooler needs, from toy kitchen and pretend workshops to the accessories to make them come to life for little hands and little imaginations. (My favorite? The toy barista set!)

Art games

Early learning through art

One of the best of preschool education game stores

Take your child beyond the 3 R’s! Met Kids offers an innovative way to tap into the young artist that buds inside each preschooler. Their hands-on art toys and games lets toddlers explore the world around them while building agility and coordination skills. From puzzles featuring “child-friendly” works of art to an Egyptian Senet game table, a young child’s imagination is expanded to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Time tested toys

Old-time favorites

One of the best of preschool education game stores

Nasco Early Learning encourages learning through dramatic play and old game favorites such as “Cootie.” You’ll find other favorites you enjoyed as a kid like “Candyland” and “Memory.” Your preschooler will have just as much fun as you did when growing up. The best part it is – it is quality time you can spend with your child. Some of the old classics just can’t be replaced with new electronic gadgets or television.

Green toys and games


One of the best of preschool education game stores

Earth-friendly stores are for the eco-conscious parent looking for preschool education games that take “going green” to the next level. Even these magnetic building blocks have been constructed from a sustainable sourced and harvested hardwood with non-toxic water base finishes. (Whew…that’s a mouthful!) So if organic and eco-friendly products are high on your list, Julabug is the store for you.

Electronic games and puzzles

Lots of learning, lots of fun

phone game for toddlers and preschoolers

These days, even the youngest kids seem to know how to use electronics, from computers and tablets to cell phones and e-readers. But all too often, what they’re watching or playing is just meaningless fluff and mindless kiddie video.

But instead of banning the preschoolers from electronics, why not turn some of that electronic time into learning time? That’s what I love about Young Explorers. They’ve turned screen time into growth and learning time. But they do it so well that your kids will beg for a few more minutes of “play”, never realizing what they’re using are preschool educational games! Now if only Young Explorers made vegetables…

Let the music play

And let the kids be the star of the show!

kids sized grand piano

Kids and music just seem to go together. Kids love to listen to music, dance to music, and of course, make music. But most kids’ toy stores only carry a few drums and maybe a plastic flute or two. Not so with the musical instrument selection at many baby stores. Not sure what I mean? Think baby (and preschooler) sized “grand” pianos. And no, these aren’t tacky plastic table top models. These are real musical instruments, designed to allow your little ones to learn fingering, reading notes and playing real music themselves. Best of all, they NEVER go out of tune!