Keep your car protected while traveling with pets

Keep your car protected while traveling with pets

A wealth of products can protect your car while traveling with pets. First things, first, though. Can your pets travel well?

Most dog breeds love going for a ride but start with short trips to find out. You may want to keep them in their carrier before letting them loose. You don’t want to be surprised if Bowser tries to play with the accelerator pedal. Driving with a dog in your lap, by the way, just isn’t a good idea.

Once you know your pet can travel, it’s time to look at what’s available to protect your vehicle. Messes always occur, even if you don’t plan to bring home the dog park with the dog. There?s good news here. Canine covers for your vehicle?s rear seat or cargo area will protect your ride from broken bags of potting soil, loose firewood, or spilled groceries. Not just pets. These removable and washable products will extend the life of your interior and reduce the vacuuming you have to do.

Pet beds and pet pads give your canine companion a place to go and allow you a measure of security ?? you know where your pet should be. And they?ll know it too. Roaming is fine on the trail but you usually want your pet in its proper place in the car.


We should talk about cats. Obviously, anything canine oriented will protect against throw-ups or messes a cat creates. But transporting cats is tricky business. While some may remain calm, most cats take automobile trips as terribly stressful. It is best if they are contained in a carrier or an enclosed area. The problem on long trips is accommodating their litter box in the same place. A vet may be able to help by prescribing ?kitty calmers? before a trip. And I have found a way to ease their stress that has also worked for others.

All cats love looking out windows. If you can find a spot where they can see out, someplace elevated, you may decrease their anxiety. I successfully took an 800 mile trip over two days with a cat that cried continuously when placed below window level. Upon letting it settle on boxes above the window line, the cat remained complacent the entire rest of the way. I?ve heard similar stories from other cat lovers. But, like with cars, your mileage may vary.

For both cats and dogs, food and water are essential. Also, bring your pet?s chew toys and other playthings along to make them feel comfortable. Cargo bars and other accessories can keep these necessities organized and not rolling around in the vehicle. For long trips, think about when you plan to travel. Can you make it in good weather? Not worrying about heat or ice will lessen the stress on you and your animals.

Canine covers and cargo area liners are just some of the ways to protect your car while traveling with pets. Whatever you decide on, you?ll be making a good investment in keeping your vehicle in good shape. And you?ll lessen the work you have to do in keeping it clean. May you and your pets be happy in your travels.