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Resources for Living with Diabetes

By Editorial Staff

by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

In the United States alone, nearly 30 million adults and children have diabetes.

Of that number, 95 percent have Type 2 diabetes. This is also known as adult onset diabetes and can happen for a number of reasons, including being overweight or a family history of the disease. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risks of Type 2, a healthy diet and regular exercise may help prevent it. Type 1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes, since it is usually diagnosed in childhood. The exact cause of this type is unknown and there is no cure or prevention for it. Here is a list of the top ten resources if you, a friend or a loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes.

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10. Joslin Diabetes Center

Joslin Diabetes Center

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the Joslin Diabetes Center is known world-wide for its expertise in diabetes treatment and research. Their website is full of detailed suggestions on how to live with all types of diabetes. They also provide information about new clinical trials and how to find the right doctor for you.

9. dLife


It’s your diabetes life! – that’s the tagline for dLife, a website dedicated to supporting those with diabetes and their families. Here, you can find a place to share your story, learn about how your smartphone can help manage your disease or get some of those medical terms defined in basic terms. The blood sugar management section describes what happens to the body when sugars drop or rise – and explains why monitoring and having your diabetic supplies on hand is so important.

8. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Since diabetes is all about how your body uses the glucose energy in food, proper nutrition is essential. In some cases, the right diet can reduce dependency on medications, something to work with your doctor on. The idea is that regardless of the type of diabetes you have, keeping blood sugar levels in your target range is your goal. A nutritionist can work with you and your doctor to put together a plan that works with your lifestyle and the foods you like to eat.

7. Diabetes Dad

Diabetes Dad

Tom Karlya is the writer of Diabetes Dad, a site dedicated to educating readers about life with two diabetic children. It is a valuable resource for parents of newly diagnosed children, since it is written by someone who understands. He is clear about not being a medical professional, just somebody who wants to help and make a difference. He is passionate about finding a cause for the disease.

6. Defeat Diabetes Foundation

Defeat Diabetes Foundation

This foundation is committed to helping others avoid developing Type 2 diabetes and to being a place where those already diagnosed can find information. They have multiple campaigns to raise awareness and be advocates for those with diabetes. There is even a section for diabetic medical supplies, so people can get the products they need at a rate they can afford.

5. A Sweet Life

A Sweet Life

A Sweet Life is an online magazine for those with all types of diabetes. It offers articles from doctors, tips on managing your symptoms, recipes and all the latest news. Did you know that onions and tomatoes are full of carbs – especially when cooked? It’s the natural sugar in them. Sugar free candies are often sweetened with sugar alcohol – which can lead to a nasty case of the runs. Even milk has carbs (think lactose here). The good news is that cream and whole milk have less carbs than skim or lower fat varieties. Who would have thought that?

4. Family Center

Family Center

The Family Center is dedicated to helping clients manage their health, improve their lives and prevent diseases from developing further. They have a number of printable infographics, perfect for putting on the refrigerator door. For instance, the sheet for controlling diabetes reminds readers why it’s important to monitor blood sugars and to take medications.

3. Integrated Diabetes Services

Integrated Diabetes Services

Located just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Integrated Diabetes Services encourages everyone to “think like a pancreas”, that is, being on top of managing diabetes with insulin. One reason the website is so popular is because Gary Scheiner is a certified diabetes educator and masters-level exercise physiologist. He is also a Type 1 diabetic.

2. Diabetic Living

Diabetic Living

Want to lose weight, eat better and feel great – all while helping to manage your diabetes? Then the Diabetic Living site is for you. Here you can find breakfasts that will boost your energy and slow cooker recipes to have tantalizing meals ready for you after a long day at work.

1. American Diabetic Association

American Diabetic Association

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This national association leads the fight against the consequences of diabetes. They fund research to prevent, manage and cure the disease. They are the ultimate resource for people at risk, those who are newly diagnosed, and people that have had the disease for years. To help with costs, proceeds from their holiday gift catalog help fund the research, education and advocacy efforts nationwide.


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