Valentines for herContributed by Info Guru David Galassi

Valentine’s Day is almost here.

For those men who don’t have time to be creative or are last minute shoppers, here are the top ten sure-fire gifts to make her know you didn’t forget V-Day.

10. Sweets for the sweet


The ever popular Valentine Day candy is always a winner. A heart-shaped box and luscious chocolates are hit very time. Don’t limit yourself to just chocolate. Any type of candy assortments make for a sweet gift. Gummie Bears, licorice, and even baked goods like cookies and cupcakes can all be given to say “You’re so SWEET.”

9. Flowers


Ok Ok. Valentine Day Flowers. A fresh bouquet of roses is always a V-Day favorite, but again do not limit yourself to roses. Red and white carnations with a spray of babies breath. Even a box of sunflowers with one red rose to highlight her. Make every attempt to deliver them yourself. Or even better, plan ahead and grow them yourself. Trust me, it will mean a lot more than just running to the store and buying them!

8. Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

A Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear with a heart that says “I Love You” — small or large — makes the point. If she happens to like dogs or other animals seek out that special stuffed animal and include a small red heart-shaped pillow to tuck under its arm.

7. Classic red purse

red purse

Hunt for that special red purse that she can use all year long. It will double as a Christmas purse and go well with her red heels and jeans. Most fine leather shops carry red accessories so it won’t be hard to find.

6. Valentine Day Lingerie


Step into the boutique at the mall for personal service or call the “800” number of her favorite online store and let one of the sales associates help you out here. Select lingerie that is sexy and that she might not buy for herself. With any luck you will get to share this gift at some point.

5. Valentine Day Gift Basket

gift basket

Rather than buy candy and a teddy bear, buy a large gift basket. It can have all the things you want in there to include candy, a bottle of champagne, body lotions, bath soap, a stuffed animal, heart shaped jewelry, etc. The sky is the limit with cost and most online stores will design and insert whatever you find to be special.

4. Heart-shaped locket

locket heart

A small picture of you and her should be inserted so when she opens the locket she knows you gave this some thought. Be sure it’s a good picture of her and wrapped separately can be a great add-on to any of the other gifts.

3. Perfume


The fragrance department is your obvious stop to pick out something nice. A gift set of perfume, body lotion and powder perhaps. Or just the one special scent that reminds you of her.

2. Robe

heart robe

A Valentine’s Day robe may be just the thing to warm her heart. Choose a soft cotton fluffy red, pink or white robe with hearts on it. Not be confused with lingerie, this gift will work all year long. It will keep her warm after a shower and the hearts will make her think about you.

1. Dinner


The top spot goes to, of course, Valentine’s Day Dinner for two. This works best as a romantic Valentine’s gift when combined with any of the other suggestions in this list … or a combination of them! Plan a quiet romantic booth for two in the corner. Or a homemade steak dinner at home with roses scattered at the doorway. Candle light and soft music. A special bottle of wine. A heart shaped dessert. Good conversation and a lot of hand holding.