Shopping online offers you an enormous variety of specialty and niche stores, as well as huge “shopping mall” websites.

These shopping mall sites carry a wide range of products, great pricing, and usually offer other incentives for online shoppers, from free shipping to discount codes.

10. Overstock


Overstock is the online shopping conglomerate in existence since 1997. This site offers everything from hand-hooked area rugs to cars, and even real estate! You can also participate in their online auctions and bid on your favorite items. They are also known for their low shipping costs.

9. Smart Bargains

smart bargains

Smart Bargains is your “personal bargain hunter” with a vast number of designer labels for less than department store prices. Did you ever think you could snag a $700 luggage set for $159? Well, you can at Smart Bargains, plus a whole lot more.

8. Wayfair


Wayfair is known for their mass selection of everything for the home, including decor, rugs, and furniture. Other great features include a generous return policy and inspiring social media channels.

7. Pricegrabber


Pricegrabber is more than an online shopping mall –it’s a price comparison engine. Its interface is easy to use and you can choose from millions of products in 25 different categories. Receive real time pricing data from the stores that are selling your desired items as well as numerous consumer reviews.

6. is a site that aggregates retailers offering print catalogs, Dynalog digital catalogs, and shopping websites. The e-retailers at include both large, well-known stores, and niche stores offering a wide variety of goods, from wine racks to arts, clothing, crafts and auto supplies. also offers coupon codes, discounts, and free shipping for shoppers.

5. QVC


Home shopping at its finest, QVC started as a home shopping network and continued their reach to the internet. The QVC website features their massive product line and showcases “Today’s Special Value” and daily hot picks.

4. Zappos


Zappos started as an online shoe store in 1999 and has grown today as one of the most popular online shopping malls. Hitting #23 on Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work For, Zappos is known for their excellent 24/7 customer service, free shipping BOTH ways and 365-day return policy!

3. eBay


Are you dealing with “empty closet syndrome” with the price of the latest fashion these days? At eBay, the world’s largest online auction site, you can find virtually any piece of designer clothing as well as anything else you desire for a great price. Note: Make sure the seller is reputable and has a high feedback rating before you make a purchase.

2. Craigslist


Similar to the equivalent of an online garage sale, Craigslist offers used and new items from private local owners. Safety is a concern here as well. Never divulge your personal information to anyone and take people with you if you visit a seller’s house to look at an item.

1. Amazon


The one-stop-shop for anything you could possibly imagine, Amazon has dominated the online marketplace and is not budging anytime soon. It started as an online bookstore in 1995 and since has spanned the globe with websites in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and China.

by Info Guru Jenna Scaglione