Should your jewelry match?

There is no longer any ironclad rule that determines should your jewelry match

There is no longer any ironclad rule that determines should your jewelry match

Should your jewelry match? That probably depends on whom you ask. Your grandmother or great-grand mother, depending on how old they are, will undoubtedly tell you, yes, of course. And your shoes and purse and eye shadow and dress should match too.

It used to be mandated, fashion wise, that everything matched, from head to toe. The fashion rules were rigid. Not adhering to the rules could get you in hot water with the fashion police.

Attitudes have changed. At one-point women (and men) started wearing gold with silver, and it looks awesome. And then along came platinum and sterling silver and white gold and black gold and a whole host of jewelry configurations and the game was on. Nowadays, funky jewelry is in vogue. The more mixed up the better and the more charming and interesting it looks.

Your choice of jewelry, what you wear it with and how you wear it tells a lot about your personality. If you are an eccentric girl and like lots of different accessories coupled together, go for it. If you are more conventional and conservative, you can stick with the basic dictates (gold with gold), but you can always throw in something unexpected just to catch people off guard.

What about troll beads? They come in a rainbow of colors. Or leather necklaces, which look striking particularly on young ladies with an edge.

Purchase enamel beads for a necklace to wear on a specific holiday, such as Valentine?s Day or St. Patrick?s Day.

Gemstone beads are the perfect embellishment for a bracelet that celebrates an occasion, such as the birth of a baby.


You can pretty much do what you want to do when it comes to jewelry, and it can be very personal, meaning a lot more to you than a regular jewelry gift that is lovely but doesn?t touch your heartstrings. Every time, you look down at the gemstone bead that you were given the day your child was born you are going to feel nostalgic.

Even though the older women in your family may gasp, it is perfectly okay to mix silver and gold jewelry. If, however, you have a gold watch and wear it on your left arm, then your wedding and engagement rings should probably be gold, but you can wear a silver ring, on the other hand.   

There are many pieces of jewelry that are a mix of gold and silver, which frees you up to wear both types of metal at the same time. When you have a two-tone mounted ring, this opens the door to wear both white and yellow metals together.   

One rule of thumb is that you should consider wearing rings and bracelets that are the same metal and earrings and necklaces which are the same metal because they are in close proximity, but some rules are meant to be broken. You will not be arrested if you do other wise. Another tip is that the hardware on your purse should match the hardware on your belt. Again, no arrest warrant will be issued if you don?t abide by this suggestion.

Jewelry has, in many ways, become more whimsical and not so serious. The rules aren?t as ironclad. Jewelry is beautiful, colorful, sparkly and an accessory that glams up an outfit and makes it far more interesting than what it would be otherwise. Jewelry is something that you can hand down to your own daughter or granddaughter when the time is right, and it will mean as much to her as it did to you.