Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

holiday decorContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

The holidays do not have to be overwhelming and over “done” to be fun.

In fact, keeping your décor to a minimum and using simple holiday decorating ideas can let you focus on the more important things, like spending time with family and friends. Don’t try to decorate every square inch of your home; concentrate on a few key areas. Using groupings of like colors and items can simplify your design and your life.

10. Silver and mercury glass

Silver and mercury glass

Gather your silver candlesticks and vases from around the house and pull out any mercury glass you may have. Instead of using them everywhere, try to put them all on the mantle for a lush look. If you have LED wall washers, everything will just sparkle.

9. All White

All White

If the riotous colors of the holidays seem a bit much to you, why not try an all-white color scheme? Keep it simple and let the natural beauty of your tree shine through. In fact, some soft, LED lights bulbs will make it all glow.

8. Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts

Remember those paper chains from your childhood and how proud you were that they were gracing your holiday tree? Continue that holiday craft tradition (and the feeling of pride) with your own children. It is cheap, fun and simple.

7. Paper whites and Amaryllis

Paper whites and Amaryllis

If you have a green thumb, skip the man-made decorations this year. Pot up some paper whites and Amaryllis and display them around your home. The best part is that you can give them away as gifts to visitors. Win-win.

6. Festive Red & White

Festive Red & White

The idea of a simple red and white décor appeals to many people over the holidays. Take it one step further and fill two tall vases to overfilling with those red and white candy/mints. Fun, right?! Add some cheerful, cove lighting and you are good to go.

5. Gourds and mini pumpkins

Gourds and mini pumpkins

Pumpkin usage goes way beyond just Halloween. A mantle or foyer table spilling over with mini pumpkins and gourds is both festive and simple. You could gild them or even paint them all white, if you wanted to be different.

4. White poinsettias en masse

White poinsettias en masse

En masse is the theme that ties all these ideas together and this is no exception. Don’t buy one poinsettia and then decorate around it. Buy 20, put them in waterproof containers and don’t do anything else. Group them in the foyer, at the fireplace, on the dining table. Make it your signature.

3. Wreath with succulents

Wreath with succulents

Even warm climates can get in on the simple holiday decorating ideas by filling a simple grapevine wreath with succulents. A spritz or two of water will keep it fresh.

2. Old-school


Why not turn off the TV, turn on the fireplace and enjoy a quiet evening of stringing popcorn? Take a night off from dealing with times, strip power adapters and extension cords. Heck, belt out a song or tow while you are at it. Presents wrapped in craft paper and twine complete this holiday presentation.

1. Natural


Mother Nature provides such a beautiful display the next few months. Why tamper with perfection? Snip a few evergreen branches and grab a bunch of pine cones. If you have a shiny ice bucket or a cut crystal vase, fill them up with the bounty. Dim the lights and enjoy.

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