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Smoking cigars for beginners

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Smoking cigars for beginners: There are things you need to know!

Smoking cigars for beginners: There are things you need to know!

Novice cigar smokers need to know the lay of the land. This includes understanding the basics of types, names, care and the terms used in the world of cigar smokers: cut, humidor, ring and more.

Here are tips regarding smoking cigars for beginners.


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There are various names indicating the shape of the stogey, including parejo, which means cylinder. An irregularly shaped cigar is called figurado. The term to refer to both shape and size is vitola.

Your choice

The type and brand of cigar you choose to smoke is up to you. Pick up the cigar. How does it look and feel in your hand? Is it moist? Is it light, dark, steadily solid or are their soft spots? Do you like the taste and the smell?

The ring

Do not touch the ring or at least not until you have smoked down to it. If the smoker attempts to remove the ring before then the glue on the ring can attach to the paper, which tears apart the cigar.


Holding it

Hold the cigar between your thumb and index finger, not between your index and middle fingers.

The cut

Before smoking, a cigar is cut, which requires a cutter. The cut penetrates or removes the cap of the cigar.

There are four types of cuts, including the wedge or V cut, the straight cut, the hole punch cut and the newest method called the Shuriken or multiple slit cut.

The type of cut used depends on the size and shape of the stogey, the kind of filler tobacco and personal preference.

For thin cigars, boasting a small ring gauge, the straight cut is used. The ring gauge means the breadth, which is measured in 64ths of an inch.

To make a single cut, use a single blade guillotine. Some smokers prefer the double blade guillotine because it makes a cleaner slash. You can use cigar scissors to achieve a straight cut but guillotines are less expensive.

The wedge cutter is made to slice from one side, at the same deepness. It prevents cutting too deep. A wedge is sliced into the cap rather than cutting off the cap completely.

Some smokers prefer the hole punch cutter because it creates a hole in the cap rather than cutting it off. The drawback is drawing of smoke may be impeded if the hole isn’t big enough. Tar can build up near the hold, which alters the taste as well as the draw.

The new type of cutter, the Shuriken, consists of six razor-sharp blades. This cutter slashes slits at the top of the cigar.

When making the cut, do it resolutely and speedily with a sharp tool for best results.


While lighting, roll the cigar to ensure it is correctly lit. Blow on the burn, which makes the burn distribute uniformly. DO NOT INHALE! Cigars contain high alkalinity and will make you cough.

Cigar lighters can be single-, double- or triple flame. Some smokers prefer torch lighters because they created the ideal ring of fire needed for a correct light.


If you aren’t going to smoke the stogey immediately, store in in a humidor, which is a container that maintains consistent humidity.

When purchasing a humidor, pay special attention to the seal. There can’t be any spaces or gaps around the edge.

Cigar aficionados have their personal preferences when it comes to the ideal humidity level. Some like the humidity to be 70 percent Rh, while others like 90 to 95 percent or even as little as 50 to 60 percent.

When the temperature is 70 degrees this maintains humidity at 70 percent, which many believe is the prefect tobacco humidity.

Some cigars are humid while others are dry. Store them separately.

Now that you have learned the basics, sit back and enjoy your smoke.


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