New, innovative, educational products for teaching geography and history

New, innovative, educational products for teaching geography and history

Teaching children about geography is one of the most challenging tasks that parents and educators face. However, it is possible to make geography lessons fun, innovative, and fascinating, and relevant. 

Geography books, maps and globes are the most standard tools for teaching children geography. Certainly, incorporating these tools is vital, but today there are so many more exciting teaching methods and tools, ranging from educational puzzles and games, to high tech resources, projects and hands- on activities.

If you are a parent or educator seeking fun, whimsical, and entertaining methods for teaching geography to your children or classroom, here are some suggestions regarding new products and activities.

Teaching Children About Geography: 

Interactive Smart Globes: 

The biggest challenge in teaching children geography is that world affairs, politics, and even geographic borders can change in an instant. As a result, most globes and maps quickly become obsolete. IntelliGlobes, however, are very different. IntelliGlobes, the newest trend in high tech toys and educational products, must be periodically connected to the internet, in order to update their databases. By touching different areas on the globe with a special digital pen, children will learn facts about a particular country’s geography, population, government, natural resources, etc. 

Another wonderful feature of many interactive electronic globes is that they can be programmed to suit a wide variety of age levels and grade levels.

3-D Atlases

Don your 3-D glasses (included with these unique Atlases) in order to explore impressive landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower, ?snorkel? in the Great Barrier Reef, and peer inside ice caves of the Antarctic. These 3-D Atlases contain dozens of maps, articles and dazzling, full-color photographs. Perfect for children of all ages!

History and Geography Games:

Interactive games, puzzles and brain teasers are proven to be some of the very best methods for teaching children facts about geography, history and world affairs. Games such as United States Bingo, classic favorites such as Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, as well as puzzle maps, and history or geography themed card games are just a few examples of the most popular games.

For more ideas about games and brain teasers, visit the National Geographic Kids website, where you can even download the GeoBee iphone app, which offers daily quizzes and brain teasers to test your knowledge about geography and world affairs.

Geography Cookbooks:

If your kids love to bake, cook, or create kitchen concoctions, make it a point to locate a geography themed cookbook. This popular, educational genre of cookbooks can help to teach children about regional recipes, flavors, local ingredients, as well as festivals and holidays and special foods specific to particular geographic regions. Sometimes, recipes are paired with short stories or articles pertaining to the geographic significance of the dish.