kitchen itemsby Info Guru David Galassi

When starting out, you need some kitchen items so you can use that cookbook and feed yourself.

Every kitchen needs a start. So if you’re starting a kitchen set up from scratch and like to cook, put these things on your list:

10. Non stick Cookware

Non stick Cookware

No just any pots and pans. Classic non-stick cookware is durable and is the mainstay for all cooking. Most have heat resistant enameled exteriors and tempered glass or solid lids. A 14 piece starter set will do the trick nicely.

9. A spice rack

A spice rack

First it looks great on the wall next to your range and has all the spices you can ever want. Get the largest variety rack you can find as most recipes need something you just don’t have in the cupboard. It is cheaper than buying individual bottles at the grocery store and all the bottles are refillable.

8. Knife set

Knife set

You cannot prepare anything without cutting and prepping you ingredients first. Get a set that never needs sharpening, has riveted handles, double serrated edges and comes with at least 6 steak knives and 8-10 other pieces of cutlery for all cutting, boning, paring and trimming.

7. Electric griddle

Electric griddle

Great for pancakes and eggs, bacon and sausage, grilled cheese and pan fried items. An electric griddle with a onstick surface is essential. The electric design gives you even and constant heating and cooking. Easy cleanup.

6. Toaster oven

Toaster oven

Not just for toast this handy little oven can be used for frozen dinners, pizza, mini-broiling and melting.

5. Slow cooker

Slow cooker

For those of you on the run there are thousands of recipes that allow for you to toss in the ingredients, turn on your slow cooker and head out to work. When you come back home you a fully cooked meal ready to eat. Uses very little electricity and cooks even and slow. Also makes a great buffet server. All have removable stoneware insert that makes food storage a breeze.

4. Juicer


For health food addicts and smoothie drinkers alike a juicer can make veggies and fruits into a delicious drink filled with all the nutrients needed to fill a day’s requirements. No chopping or peeling required as you can add most fruits and vegetables whole. Most have a detachable pulp collector and are dishwasher safe.

3. Blender/Food Processor

Blender/Food Processor

A combo blender/ food processor can make fast work of ice cubes, create frozen drinks and milk shakes and desserts along with a blend/chop/dice/puree mode for easy food preparation.

2. Counter top electric fryer

Counter top electric fryer

For the lovers of french fries and fried chicken this is a must. Study even temperature control make electric frying an easy task. A two basket model lets you fry two items at once. Most have a non-stick vat for easy cleaning and a lid for shortening storage and reuse.

1. A mixer


For all baking needs a hand/stand mixer is a must. No box or scratch recipe can be easily undertaken by hand mixing alone. Most come with beaters, dough hooks, a whisk and spatula, and stainless steel mixing bowl.