These quick guidelines can keep you busy and happy as a babysitter

These quick guidelines can keep you busy and happy as a babysitter

Babysitting is a very popular job, especially among teenagers. It’s a fun way to earn extra money, learn responsibility and interact with young children and adults. There are many community courses and school programs that offer tips for babysitting. Babysitters need informational resources when they start their babysitting jobs. Knowing a few things about babysitting can help tremendously.

One very important aspect of babysitting is being knowledgeable and competent in on safety procedures. Babysitters are in charge of the health and safety of children from small infants to pre-teens. It’s vitally important to have skills and knowledge of procedures required in emergency situations. Parents feel comfortable with babysitters who know first aid and have skills and certification in CPR training.

There isn’t a correct age to start working as a babysitter. However, parents may prefer someone who drives and has a vehicle. Babysitters can start as young as eleven or be a retiree. The babysitter’s age is not always a factor. Their sense of responsibility and focus is more important.

Here are a few tips for babysitting that can help new or veteran babysitters become good childcare providers:

Good Contact Information

Obtain current contact information for the family you’re babysitting for. This includes cell phone numbers, the home phone, neighbor’s phones and any other emergency contact numbers. Also provide the family with the correct information to reach you for emergency purposes and future babysitting jobs.


Accept Manageable Jobs

Only accept childcare jobs you can safely manage. If you can only handle three children at a time, don’t take on more than that. There are sometimes special events like football games or party celebrations where a babysitter is hired. Babysitters are sometimes hired for several families at once to save costs. While this arrangement can be quite lucrative, it can also be overwhelming. In these cases, don’t be afraid to say no. It’s better to refuse more money than to be overwhelmed.

House Rules

Be clear on the rules of the home and those that govern the children. Write them down or ask the parents to. This eliminates confusion or misunderstandings concerning your duties. House rules include medicine dosages or other special medical considerations. For clarity, go over the medicine distribution a few times with the parent’s before you’re left in charge of the children.

Handling emergencies is also a part of house rules. Parent’s often leave a system for you to follow. If there isn’t one in place, know the phone numbers to reach medical authorities like 911 and the Poison Control Centers. In emergency cases, don’t panic and stay in full control of the situation.

Your Professional Image

Be professional at all times. This is also one of the important tips for babysitting that babysitters should follow. Parents like to deal with babysitters who are focused, responsible and professional. These babysitters get a lot of work! Focus on your job as the childcare provider and eliminate distractions. This means no chatting or texting on cell phones when your attention should be on the children, and no inviting friends over while you’re working just to “hang out.” Stay alert while you’re babysitting, especially if you’re in charge of small children. Use good judgement and don’t play overly rough games or disregard common sense. Your job is to take care of the children and watch for their safety.

Finally, it’s alright to have fun while you’re babysitting! Play with the children, take them for walks, take them to the park or just watch movies.

Getting asked to babysit again has a lot to do with how well you get along with the children. Make them comfortable with you and just enjoy being their babysitter.


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