Ten tips to make your run safe and enjoyable

Ten tips to make your run safe and enjoyable

Running is a great way to slim down and strengthen up.  Running is simple.  You don?t need any expensive sports equipment, gear or special uniforms.  There are no rules to study, and it can be done in almost any location.

Most runners agree that once they experience that first runner?s high, they are hooked.  If you are a beginning runner, looking to incorporate a running routine into your life, here are some tips for running to make your experience safe and enjoyable.


Ten Tips for Running

1.  Remember the buddy system!  Never run alone in strange places.  Find a friend who shares your interest in running, and coordinate a running schedule.  Besides, having a friend to encourage you will help motive you and get you out the door.  If there are times when your buddy is unable to join you, be sure to let someone know where you will be running. 

2.  Stretch before you run.  Take the time to stretch your muscles prior to a run.  This will help to prevent cramps and injuries.  Visit your local library to locate a video of warm-up stretches and other tips for running. 

3.  If you plan to run regularly, do invest in a high quality pair of running shoes.  This is one of the few tips for running that may cost you a few dollars, but your purchase will pay off.  Visit a specialty foot wear store, and take the time to have someone measure your feet, your arch, your running stride, and determine the best pair of running shoes for your specific needs.

4.  Wear a watch or a stop-watch to accurately measure the distance you run and how much time it takes you.

5.  Do not increase your mileage more than 10 percent per week.

6.  Maintain a journal or a running log to keep track of your running distance and time.  It is always rewarding to chart your improvements and accomplishments.  Be aware that you will hit plateaus in your progress.  Don?t get discouraged if some runs are more challenging than others.

7.  Wear bright colors and reflective clothing, especially if you plan to run at night.  This is one of the most important safety tips for running because it will help drivers to see you if you run on streets or near traffic.

8.  If you are prone to knee pain, cramps, shin splints or lower leg pain, make a point of running on grass, dirt or soft trails.  Save the roads and asphalt for races.

9.  Hydrate!  Drink plenty of water during the day, and always carry water with you during a run.  If you are running long distances, make sure to drink plenty of electrolytes, found, for example, in Gatorade.

10.  When you return from a run, immediately put ice on any serious cramps, aches or pains.