A list of the best of tokens of affectionContributed by Tim Brugger, Catalogs.com Top 10 Guru

Who doesn’t love a token of affection?

EVERYONE enjoys being told how special they are, even if nary a word is said. With the right token, words just get in the way; it’s the gift itself that does all the talking.

But finding the right gift that says what you want to say perfectly isn’t always an easy proposition. To get you off on the right foot, here are a few ideas for the best of tokens of affection.


Who doesn’t love a heart?

rose perfume bottle

When you give someone your heart for ever and always, it’s only natural that you would want to give them a heart-shaped gift, too. That’s where this gorgeous rose perfume bottle from Expressions comes in. Pink and roses complement the heart theme … so with a gift like this, you’re connecting them all with the future. What better choice for a once-in-a-lifetime love?


Handmade heartfelt card

>A list of the best of tokens of affection

Not everyone is going to get this. A quick example may explain what I mean. When my kids make me something; a card, drawing or whatever, I love it. They put time and thought into it which is why it’s one of the great tokens of affection. But if I gave them a homemade card on their Birthday, they’d be less than pleased and want to know what I really did with their new X-Box 15-E44 Mega Ops Game Console. If your proposed recipient will appreciate the effort as well as the gift, a craft store is the place to be. These cards look incredible and thankfully, aren’t nearly as hard to make as they look.

Rock-It Creations

A lasting message of affection

Engraved wedding date stone

Flowers die and cards can rip or fade over time. But a message of affection engraved into a river rock? Now that’s a message that will last! Rock-It Creations can help you create a message of love, friendship or memory that will last through the decades and beyond.

Choose a small size for indoor or windowbox locations, or select a medium, large or extra-large stone, customized with your message for yard or garden.


Birthstone jewelry

A list of the best of tokens of affection

Now this one has it all; personalized to your specifications and with birthstones of the donor and donee tidily situated in a sterling silver setting. Any names and birthstone you want, just give the jewelers and Limoges your specs and they’ll do the rest. And remember, these are tokens of affection so getting second mortgage shouldn’t be part of the deal. Not a problem at Limoges, this beauty is budget-friendly and there are a lot more to choose from.

Wall Quotes

Your message in plain sight

removable wall quotes

Put your messages of love and affection where they can’t be missed with easy-to-apply vinyl messages from Wall Quotes. Select from their library of messages of love, inspiration, humor and friendship, or create a custom message all your own.

The long-lasting decals are simple to place, and easy to remove without damaging the wall. That means even renters and students in dorms can enjoy them. Best of all, they’ll always be in plain sight to remind your loved ones how much you care.


Lovely locket

A list of the best of tokens of affection

Doling out tokens of affection are great times to match the gift with a person’s special interest. Some people collect Venetian masks, others statuettes or maybe decorative trinket boxes; all great tokens. For the lady that appreciates a jewelry and sentimentality, a stylish locket will look perfect around her neck. Ross-Simons has lockets in a beautiful variety of styles, which make an extremely stylish token of affection, and it’s just one of many gorgeous jewelry choices here.