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Tools That Make Everyday Living Easier

By Editorial Staff

by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

Life seems to be moving faster and faster and people are constantly searching for ways to make their lives as simple as possible.

Entrepreneurs and inventors are constantly coming up with handy gadgets that make everyday living easy. To make sorting through all the new innovations on the market, we’ve put together a top ten list of items that can help you the most.

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10. Hiking cane

Hiking cane

This walking pole is perfect for people who take their hiking seriously, those walking for pleasure or someone who needs a helping hand with stability around the house. It is designed with an optional anti-shock system and easily adjusts to the user’s height. For year-round use, the tip is interchangeable, offering more traction in the winter. As an added bonus, there is a flashlight built into the handle.

9. Slip-on shoes

Slip-on shoes

Let’s face it, tying shoes takes time and dexterity. For those of us who are a little lazy or have pain in the hands and fingers, slip-on shoes are one of the greatest inventions ever. Look for a pair that is snug enough to stay on while not restricting your circulation. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit your personal taste and activity level.

8. Automatic can opener

Automatic can opener

Arthritis sufferers and those with limited strength in their hands will appreciate an automatic can opener. The gadget fits over the top of the can and with the press of a button, cuts off the lid. Opening cans this way eliminates jagged edges and reduces the possibility of nasty cuts. Also, a magnet lifts the lid away, so you don’t have to fish a sharp lid out of the can! Many are small enough to fit in a drawer, so there is no need to reach high or low to store the opener.

7. Ergonomic knife

Ergonomic knife

To help with everyday cooking chores, look for a knife that makes chopping easy. Instead of the typical 8- to 12-inch chef’s knife, choose an ergonomic option. This knife design has part of the blade positioned under the handle, allowing you to rock the knife back and forth for easier cutting with less joint pain. The blade often has a deeper belly to it, which simplifies cutting larger items, such as roasts and winter squashes.

6. Platform step

platform step

Climbing up and down a step ladder when you are painting a wall or washing your car can be difficult. Solve this problem with a platform step. Often made of aluminum, they are lightweight and fold down for storage. Consider products that are at least 18 inches high and 36 inches wide. This way, you’ll have plenty of lateral movement before you have to move the step to the next section. Just think of the time and effort you can save yourself.

5. Herb scissors

You may have seen these used on your favorite cooking show – a pair of scissors with multiple sharp blades. Because herbs are delicate and sometimes difficult to finely chop, these scissors make the task simple and fast when compared to using a knife. Many herb scissors come with a tip or blade cover that is a handy comb for getting the herbs out from between the blades. Since you can cut the herbs directly into the pan, this tool can save on prep space because there’s no need for a cutting board.

4. Key finder

Even if you routinely put keys in the same place when you aren’t using them, they still find a way to get misplaced. The solution to this dilemma? Attach a key finder to your key ring. When you can’t find your keys, press the button on the transmitter. The keychain will start beeping – and keep beeping – until you find them. The most important thing about using the key finder? Don’t lose the transmitter!

3. Grab-n-go


Ever have to get those items that are just out of reach? Then a handy reacher-grabber is just the solution. It’s a pole with jaws at one end and a trigger for operating the jaws at the other. Make sure to choose one that has a rubber or other non-slip coating on the grabber end. Consider one with a head that swivels so you can get the perfect picking angle and look for a magnet in the head for picking up steel objects. This tool can protect you from back strain and avoid potentially dangerous falls from ladders and step stools.

2. Bright charging cable

Bright charging cable

Have you ever wondered when your phone or other electronic device was finished charging? Here’s a great idea. A charging cable that lights up when it’s being used. Some products glow steadily the entire time and change colors when they are finished. Others dim the closer the device gets to full charge and then let you know when the charge is complete. Since the cables are USB designs, they can also sync music, pictures and any of your other files with your computer.

1. Remote controlled dust mop

Remote controlled dust mop

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Without a doubt dust mopping is a chore. Sure, you’re happy with the results after it’s done. But what if you could make the chore fun? Enter the remote controlled mop. The mop head is attached with strong hook and loop tape to a base with wheels. The remote controller lets you swish your way across the room, capturing dust bunnies along the way. Consider this – your dog, cat or children will get plenty of exercise chasing the dust mop around the room!


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