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Top 10 Australian Trends in Culture

By Editorial Staff

Australian trends in cultureContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

Australia has graced the airwaves with amazing music and filled tables with tasty fare.

It has brought back the rugged manliness envied by their more straight-laced counterparts. Here is a small sample of the many cultural trends that Australia has bestowed upon us; clearly, we should offer up many thanks for the Land Down Under.

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10. The Wiggles

The Wiggles

The Wiggles combine song and dance to create what may be the most annoyingly endearing Australian export since the cuddly koala bear. Your child can show their infatuation with the kid-centric crooners with a Henry the Octopus costume. (Don’t blame me, though, if you can’t get the song out of your head, now.)

9. A spicier bite

Hot Pepper Sauce

Spice up your meal with a turn-up-the-heat hot sauce. Recipes in Australia are including more spicy elements, and hot sauce is a popular condiment I guess it makes since, because it gets pretty hot Down Under, so is it any wonder British-blandness was abandoned for a spicier bite?

8. Equality and opportunity

Maybe it’s because of the hardships of their ancestors, but the Australian people are firmly and vocally commited to equality and egalitarianism. Freedom of religion, expression, and lifestyle is a critical cultural element in modern day Australia. They’re also more committed than their American cousins to keeping religion out of government. So maybe that’s why it’s not surprising that people are just fine with the 70,000 plus people who declared their religion as Jedi on the last national census.

7. Diversity, growth and change

When Australia was first settled by the Brits, the colony consisted of indiginious people and well, Brits. Not now. With a population of over 23 million people, with more than 25% born somewhere outside of the country, Australia is a nation of diversity, immigration and cultural richness.

6. Music

Music is a lasting and important part of Australian culture. Fortunately, they’re kind enough to share some of it wth the rest of the world.

Perhaps one of Australia’s most danceable exports is Men at Work. The band embodied the 80s but still sound fresh and relevant today. They also get bonus points for using the word “vegemite” in a song. In the 90’s, it was Savage Garden who lead the way with a Down-Under sound. And more recently, The Vines have brought new Aussie tunes to the music world.

5. Comfy, casual clothes rule

Kakadu Toorak

Australians, like Americans, love their casual clothese. Like us, many of them have ditched the starched collars and the three-piece suit that fits a bit like a strait-jacket. Instead, look for graphic t’s, jeans, cargo shorts and hoodies much like what you’d see in any American town.

4. Australian Meat Pies still rule

 Australian Meat Pies

There might be no more comforting food than the meat pie. There something about succulent meat wrapped in a tender crust that evokes warmth and security. Thank goodness this culinary delight remains alive and well in Australian culture.

Not planning on visiting Australia any time soon? You can buy these meat pies by the case, delivered to your door!

3. Tea time and sweets

Tim Tams

We like sweets. They like sweets. Maybe even more than we do. And like the British, they tend to stop for something sweet with a cup of tea in mid-afternoon. This piece of culture is less of a trend and more of a cultural connection to their British heritage. You can try it out at home, by snacking on some tea and crisp cookies around 4 pm. You’ll be surprised how nice it is!

2. Swagman Hat

Swagman Hat

Remember that crush you had on Crocodile Dundee? Well, it may have been that amazing hat that he donned for the better part of the movie. There is something about a man in a hat that just oozes confidence, and certain rakishness. And now years after Dundee laid down his knife, the Aussie love-affair with the hat continues.

1. Vegemite


There are some decidedly … (ahem) divided … opinions as to Vegemite, but it remains a much beloved (and hated) symbol of Australian culture. Either you love it, or your detest it and feel it is a black death that should be obliterated from the earth. There really is no middle ground. No matter what your preference, though, Vegemite is synonymous with Australian culture.

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So, rent Crocodile Dundee — or maybe something with Russell Crowe–grab some Tim Tams, and try some of what Australia has to offer.


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