baby trivia questions
Contributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

There’s nothing trivial about having a baby, but there’s plenty of trivia about having babies, raising babies, making babies and songs with “baby” in the name.

I’ll take “Baby Trivia Questions” for 100, Alex, since that seems to be a popular game at the baby showers – at least, that’s what I hear. These events are off-limits to males outside of the expectant father, and rightfully so, since we’re much better at trivia than women.

Don’t believe me? Try your luck at these baby trivia questions – answers at the end.

10. Do the Due Date

guess the due date

Everyone knows their due date, but what percentage of babies are actually born on their due date?

9. Who Played Baby Moses?

baby moses

In the 1956 film, “The Ten Commandments,” Charleton Heston played Moses. Who played Moses as a baby?

8. What’s Missing?

missing parts

The first thing we count is their fingers and toes, but there’s one thing we can’t count – which body part are babies born without?

7. Not A Pacifier But …


Don’t tell ventriloquists, but what do moms in England call a pacifier?

6. Who Sang It?

cry like a baby

What 60’s musical group had a hit with ‘Cry Like a Baby’?

5. Dirty Diapers On TV

changing diapers

It’s pretty common now, but there was a time when you couldn’t show a baby being changed on TV. Who broke the diaper barrier, what was the show and what was the character’s name?

4. Daddy?

Man Holding Up an Infant

It’s no surprise that babies recognize their mother’s voice at birth. How long does it take a baby to baby to recognize its father’s voice?

3. Three Men And What’s-her-name

Three Men and a Baby

Dads raising babies has been the plot of some great comedy movies like “Three Men and a Baby.” What was the baby’s name in that film?

2. Not Pregnant But …


Those Brits have some funny words for common items. What is their word for pregnant?

1. How Many Diapers?

how many diapers

Before you start saving for your child’s college education, you might want to save for diapers or a bigger diaper bag. On the average, how many diapers will a child go through from birth to being potty trained?

And the answers are …

10. 3-4 %
9. Charleton Heston’s son, Fraser.
8. kneecaps
7. a dummy
6. The Box Tops.
5. Carroll O’Conner on “All In The Family” as Archie Bunker.
4. 14 days
3. Mary
2. stuffed
1. 7,000-9,000 diapers