Top 10 Beach House Looks

beach house looksContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

The approach of summer signals the time to start making plans to hit the beach house for some holiday vacation time.

Beach houses are ideal for both city and country-side dwellers as they offer an escape away from everyday life and a foray into ocean-side beauty. Whether you are renting a beach house or have bought your own, it’s important that its’ appearance reflects who you are and becomes a place of comfort.

Consider the following top ten beach house looks to gain some inspiration for your own beach house decor this summer!

10. Shades of ocean

shades of ocean

Topping the list of ultimate beach house looks is the use of oceanic hues. Colors of the ocean establish a beach environment in the kitchen, dining and living rooms. Paint kitchen cabinets a light, pale blue against a grey-greenish wall backdrop or ocean-hued wallcovering, and stainless steel appliances.

9. Natural furnishings


Nothing says the beach better than the use of natural furnishings in your sea-side home. Purchase furniture pieces made from bamboo, pine or oak woods to accent your living spaces, including outdoor porches and decks. Bead board furniture creates an instant cottage-by-the-sea feel in casual summer rooms.

8. Wicker effect


Chairs and tables in wicker or rattan are seemingly made for a beach house as they create a natural effect. Place wicker pieces on outdoor patios for barbeques and parties involving friends and families.

7. Bright and bold

bright and bold

A beach house is the ideal setting to get creative with bright and bold color palettes. Emblazon kitchen walls with oceanic blues, dining rooms with sassy reds or living spaces with peachy oranges for a fun, summer vibe.

6. Sheer effect

sheer curtains

Sheer window curtains are ideal for establishing a home-y classic atmosphere to a beach house. Curtains made with sheer materials have the added effect of opening up windows for a brighter, daytime effect into the late evening.

5. Beach-y accessories

beachy accessories

Accessories are not just meant for the fashion world anymore as they are also applicable to home decorating. Create a funky beach house look with quirky accessories such as shower curtains with pictures of the ocean and fish, stuffed animal dolphins in the bedroom and handcrafted signs saying “Welcome to the Beach!”

4. Old collectibles


Decorate your beach house with old collectible items to give it a personal style that differs from your full-time home. Empty glass bottles are particularly suitable for a beach house since it can symbolize the “message in a bottle” set adrift in the ocean. Display bottles of varying sizes, shapes and colors on shelves and cabinets throughout the kitchen and dining rooms.

3. Nautical Art

ocean tapestries

Top beach house looks almost always include some sort of decorative art to create a fun, sophisticated or retro beach house style. Decorate bare living and dining room walls with art pieces displaying ships, and tapestries of painted oceans and beautiful sunset views.

2. Rockers, gliders and swinging chairs


A beach house is not complete without a rocking chair on a patio off the master bedroom, in front of your picture window, adorning the front porch, or the deck. Make sure you find a super comfortable rocking chair, because this is going to be where you enjoy the day while viewing the ocean, by night for cocktails with a partner, or even relaxing for a mid-afternoon siesta during a warm summer’s day.

1. Custom linens

custom linens

Create a cool, relaxed summer vibe with custom linens in the beach house bedroom and living spaces. The bedroom becomes a cozy, inviting space to read, sleep and reflect with soft, antique-look linens that are soft white or contrasting creams and navy shades.

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