Top 10 Careers in Fashion

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Fashion is creation personified and it’s everywhere. You can’t open a magazine or watch television and not see style.

Fashion is a big money-making business and can make you stand out and look fabulous; or, it can make people look at you and cringe.

The Golden Ticket

A career in fashion is like having a golden ticket. You can travel the world, meet interesting people, make loads of money and live a grand life.

Maybe you dream of being like one of the fashion designer greats: Valentino, Dolce and Gabana, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Tom Ford or Karl Lagerfeld. Or you dream of writing reviews for top fashion magazines such as Vogue, Essence or Ebony.

While you make your fashion dreams a reality, here is a glance at the top 10 careers in fashion to help get you on your way:

10. Fashion Photographer

Fashion photographers are employed by catalogs, magazines, websites and fashion houses to conceptualize, shoot, develop and print still photos and/or videos to show off clothes and accessories in a creative manner that catches the eye of consumers.

9. Fashion Illustrator

Fashion illustrators create sketches and drawings of apparel, shoes, and accessories for fashion advertisements, catalogs, and other media. Earning potential – up to $60,000.

8. Personal Stylist

Personal stylists work with individuals, groups, classes or companies to educate clients about general fashion apparel and accessories. Earning potential – $10 per hr. to $40,000 per year or more.

7. Boutique Owner

Successful boutique owners are very entrepreneurial-minded and driven people, who use a combination of savvy business skills and in-depth knowledge of the fashion retail industry to make a profit. Small boutiques can grow into large companies, and merge with other boutiques to become well-known brands. There are clothing boutiques, accessory boutiques and designer jewelry boutiques, all of which contribute to the fashion industry. Earning potential is up to $100,000 and beyond.

6. Fashion Buyer

Fashion buyers use their sense of style, knowledge of fashion trends and understanding of their target customers’ desire to create an attractive selection of apparel for retail stores. Earning potential is $100,000 and beyond.

5. Fashion Public Relations Specialist

Fashion public relations specialists and publicists help apparel companies and retail stores build and maintain a favorable public image. Entry level salary range – $200,000 to $35,000, experienced salary range – $40,000 to $60,000, top level salary range – $75,000 to $100,000.

4. Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists are responsible for bringing to life a photographer or director’s vision for a fashion photo shoot, layout, commercial, print advertisement or music video. Fashion stylists often scout out locations, create the mood for the shoot by selecting and setting up the appropriate props, fashion, accessories and even models to fit the theme of the shoot. Entry level salary range – $150 to $200/day, experienced salary range – $500 to $5,000/day, top level stylist salary range – $100,000 and more. For example, a huge team of fashion stylists work on a high-end printed piece like the Neiman Marcus catalog. These stylists must communicate the image for a high-end brand and sell product.

3. Fashion Writer

A fashion writer produces editorial copy for media outlets such as fashion magazines, newspapers, fashion/design websites or blogs, and television. According to, national demand for all journalists and writers is expected to grow through 2014. Average earning salary – $47,000 and above.

2. Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandisers are on the apparel production side and analyze market trends, production cost, and previous sales numbers to determine the product direction manufacturers will take each season. Entry level salary range – $50,000 to $80,000, top level salary range – $100,000 and above.

1. Fashion Model

Models try to convey an idea by their appearance, persuading people to buy the products they advertise. Salary is often based on the size of the job and the popularity of the model.

As with any career, the best way to start is with an education. A degree in fashion design or fashion merchandising can get your foot in the door of one of the many fabulous careers in the rapidly growing fashion industry. In the words of General Douglas MacArthur, “There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity.” So take the opportunity and see which one of the top 10 jobs in fashion is right down your alley.

33 thoughts on “Top 10 Careers in Fashion

  1. I love the idea of being a fashion stylist, but stong ediquet at that time didn’t premit me. love to dress woman always and men ( real men cloth)…. Thank you for the info on the salary… wish theres more.

  2. Slightly off topic maybe, but a plea for you to think about the ethics of buying fashionclothing. Please try and think about, for example, the cloth the clothes are made with, the human rights of the employees where they’re made and the ethics of the clothes retailer. Oh, and try to pass on, instead of throwing away. Thanks!!!!

  3. Hi

    Thanks for teh information. Im intersted in the carrer of a fshion stylist. I want to know the scope for the same in india & the education required for the same. Im wokrign as a buyer for an electronic retail chain. before this i was also in buying footware & clothes etc…

  4. HI i am a B.Tech graduate.I want to build my career in fashion as i have this passion for designing clothes.Can you please tell me what i can do or how will i go for a fashion line after doing engineering

  5. Hi there im only 14 years old and curruntley lives in the united kingdom, when i’m older i will looking for a job in the fashion industry since i am quite passionate for fashion now. I have done a considerate amount of reserach and found out that in the united Kingdom the avarage income for a fashion stlyist ranges from

  6. I’m 23 years old and mother of 3. I been wanting to purssue a carear as a boutique owner, but not very sure on how to go about and getting statred. I want to realy go for it because i have a job that is related to sales but its not something that i want to do forever. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE!! Is this the right carrer chice for me or do i need to go for something more mellow, but still related to fashion.

  7. i really wanted to be a personal stylist and have my own line of purses. I would like to style celebs like Pink, Rhianna, The Dream, Kanye West and the black eye exciting, now i just need to know how do i go about getting the education and the experience and the opportunity to show my skills,,Thanks this has helped me out!!!

  8. Im currently a graduating high school senior(WHOOOO!) but anywho i adore fashion. it is truly my passion i would LOVE to be a Personal stylist but im a little confused! ive been researching being a stylist and every website i go to doesnt say much about college.

    Im going to be at Clark Atlanta University in the fall of 2011 but now im second guessing my choice to go because im not sure i need to go to college for my career.

    Someone please help me im so confused 🙁

  9. HI,

    I want to be a a fashion stylist.

    I have done MBA in Marketing and have job experience of 2 years in corporate world.

    I will be obliged if you could help me with some courses to become a fashion stylist in India.



  10. How does one enter the Plus Model industry. I have had a Plus Modeling course and I sew. I also have a degree in studio art and printmaking.

    I don’t think it is widely known, but modeling courses give help with self esteem and confidence. It really helped me.

  11. thank you for your mail.

    Please lemme know what is the scope of fashion stylist , earning potential and course required in india.

    Please lemme know about the fashion stylist courses available in India.

    Thank you


    Prerna Kapoor

  12. hey i am impressed with the level of our fashion designers today. i am in coventry currently looking for a job to work in a fashion organisation. i am also a good makeup artist. i believe everything needs practice.

  13. Hey I wanted to know if the salary range for a fashion public relations specialist was correct the numbers seem to be out of order??

  14. Hi,

    I did my MBA and worked for a year in the corporate world. But since I was always designing on the side, I started my own label.

    I would love to work as a fashion merchandiser or get into fashion marketing to gain experience and exposure. I’m in India currently.

    I want to know what is the best way to get an opening in this field.

    Would be obliged if you could throw some light on the same.

  15. Hi

    I really want to become a Fashion buyer or a Fashion writer/Stylist for a magazine. Vogue or L’Officiel f.e.

    I was wondering if Fashion Technology is the best degree for it. I live in Belguim and here they don’t have that much fashion degrees as in the UK or in the USA.

    I’m in my last year High school and next year I really want to go for Fashion Technology but I’m kind of hesitating if it’s the right thing to do for becoming a Fashion Buyer. Can someone please help me ? I’ve done a lot of research but I can’t find anything at all : (

    Is it also possible to do Fashion Technology in Belgium for 3 years and Fashion Merchandising for 1 year in America? Cuz that’s really my dream thou’!

    Thank you!

  16. Hi am very creative in setting the trend as a result people always comment about the way I always conduct a good fashion statement so not knowing which career exactly can I follow in fashion industry I wanted to ask what is fashion public relation specialist and what are the requirements

  17. Hi, am 18 yrz old..frm sikkim, india..have lotz intrested in fashion industry…i would love 2 became clothing iam looking forward 2 become a expensive clothing stylist.if get chance to exit in fashion industry..

  18. Hi my name is kaniesha im 19 years of age about to turn 20 and still not in college i feel like ive already wasted enought time in life doing nothing when i could of been almost done with college but im ready now i love fashion and my dream was to become a fashion designer and i wanted to own my own clothing store but im torn on whiether i should go for fashion designer or go for fashion Merchading

  19. Hi my name is also keniesha 🙂 I’m 18 almost 19 and I’m thinking of transferring to LIM college..what do u think about that school, would it be a waste of time or worth it . I really want to be a fashion merchandiser/ the way thanks for the info 🙂

  20. HI, I am a final year English student. I want to pursue Fashion Styling, so wanted to know the best way of going about it. Is it better to intern with a well known designer/ stylist and then go for a professional course( if available, what and where are these courses) or vice versa? And i just have the kanck and passion for styling but NO professional degree or experience till now.

  21. Hi, I have read your top ten and think you have seriously over looked one of the most vital people when it comes to Fashion. The designers who without you would have no fashion to talk about. Designers should definately appear in your list.

  22. hi

    i would like to know about any courses in india on fashion styling and prop styling. would prefer an online course and would like to know the scope of this career, amount expected to earn as a beginer, etc.

    i have been styling friends forever and have now started this professionally also. please let me know.



  23. hi… helped me alot…bt still confuse need more help…umm my dad is in army n m 16 year old..n i want 2 be a fashion stylist…n m planning to take humanities in 11th so plz guide me wt to do after my 12th? n which stream to choose? m living in india so which place in india will be good for me? and also which country n how much can i earn? thnk u……:)

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